Jan 31, 2014

Room Inspiration!

As my style in fashion develops, I've noticed how my preferences for home decor has changed. Personally, my favorite color combination is black and white. It's so simple and classic! For my room, however, I love adding a pop of color to add some fun! I feel that white bedding adds enough neutral color for you to mix and match different bright colors anywhere else in the room! My latest addition to my room decor has been some "coffee table" books! They don't necessarily have to be kept in living rooms (or on coffee tables!). There are tons of fashion related books that would make great additions to any bedroom! I also recently ventured in painting (I'm taking baby steps, don't worry!) and love how the black and white paintings look in my room! My parents brought me back sketches of Parisian landscapes from Paris that are framed and hanging in there too! Here are some pictures that have inspired the decor in my room! 

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Jan 30, 2014

Golden Hues

Lately I've been loving jewlery in the golden hues. I feel as if it compliments my skin color and any outfit I wear! For everyday use, I tend to steer towards simple and delicate, yet still fashionable pieces. Here are some of my current favorite pieces and how I would style them!

I'm channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw with this tiny initial necklace. I love the delicate strand but the letter is still the main focus point! I love how sequinsandpeonies styled her initial necklace with a longer chain and charm! Make your combo fun with a necklace like Anthropologie's swan necklace!

You can usually find me wearing the same diamond studs for days on end. But, when I want to change it up, I gravitate towards studs with a little bit of glamour or sparkle! Of course, J.Crew and Anthropolgie have the perfect selection.

Midi rings are all the rage right now and I'm loving the fad! I love how you can stack them and wear as many as you please. The fun part is, they don't all have to match so you can mix and match all of your rings!

xoxo Jessica
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Jan 22, 2014

What's Your Favorite?

My Favorite Lip Colors!

I think adding some color to your lips can be one of the best accessories for an outfit. I'm a big fan of the bright pinks and reds because I think they compliment my skin tone. But, it's different for everyone! Here's a look at my four most used lip colors!
("Adorned", "Ruby Opera", "Fucsia Orchestra" , "Glamorous Red") 
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Jan 18, 2014


I don't know about you, but I have been super stressed out because of finals this week! But now that my finals are mostly over and I have a 4 day weekend (yay!)  I've been able to relax and recuperate from a busy week! Here are some of tips for de-stressing from school or work!

1. Drink tea - I drink at least one cup of tea nightly to stay calm and not get overwhelmed when I do homework. It's the perfect way to start a day or wind down from a busy one. My personal favorite is the "Zen" or "Refresh" tea from Tazo.
2. Go to the gym - Working out is an easy way to brighten up your mood! It distracts you from everything that's going on plus you'll be getting fit! Lately, I've been going to Zumba classes at my gym and Body Plus (with abs) workouts.
3. Light a candle and read a book - Another way to relax and keep my mind of out things to get caught up in a good book. Have you read Eleanor and Park (I totally recommend it!) or John Greene's books? A light scented candle also helps to set a relaxing mood!
4. Bake - Baking always puts me in a better mood! Just today, I made brownies with cookie dough frosting! They were delicious! (Here they are!)
5. Girls night - If you want to get away from all the busyness that is school or work then call your best girlfriends! If you're not up for going out to dinner then stay it, rent a movie, paint your nails, eat some junk food! 
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Jan 12, 2014

What's In Your Bag?

What's In My Bag?

I was really excited to get a my Kate Spade bag for Christmas because that meant I didn't' have to use my cross-body bag for everything! Personally, I think my bag is the perfect size because I really just have what I need inside. I went for a leather bag because I know they're durable but I also wanted it to be fun, so naturally I leaned towards the one with some pink. Here's a look at my must-haves to keep inside a bag

I love this leather/calf hair wallet from Fossil because it is so convenient and super cute! The print is so fun but the black leather adds some elegance. Inside, there are tons of place holders for cards and a zipper for coins on the back. 
Since it's pretty cold where I live, I carry around a pair of gloves just in case I need them. These leather gloves from Andre Badi are perfect!
I usually don't carry around my full makeup bag when I'm out because I usually have already applied my makeup. But, lip gloss, lotion, and perfume are a necessity! I love the lip glosses from Stila because they come in so many cute colors! The one I keep in my bag is called "Pink Pomegranate." Purse sprays are super handy when you're on the go because they allow you to freshen up if you need to! Marc Jacob's perfumes have been my favorites lately, especially "Dot"! I also keep with me the lip  balm from Sara Happ because its magical! Not only does it add tons of shine to your lips, it also makes them extremely soft and smooth. I definitely recommend it! I always have some type of lotion with me and lately I've been into Nivea's Creme. It works like magic! Plus, I have a compact mirror with me to apply makeup!
I rarely, if ever, leave the house without my phone, so of course I keep it in my bag. I usually have a little bag of hair supplies in my bag too - bobby pins, hair ties, clips, etc. 

xoxo, Jessica
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Jan 10, 2014


Step Into Spring!

With spring quickly approaching I have pastels and pink and whites on my mind! But... Since it's still pretty cold where I live I'm going to have to transition into it! The perfect compromise is grey! It's not too dark, like black, or too light, like white. J.Crew has the perfect sweater that can transition straight from winter to early spring. I like how the grey sweater looks with these Loft pants...super casual! My way of making this outfit a little more spring-y, Is adding some pink! Rosy cheeks and pink lips are so subtle, but can definitely make the outfit! Plus, these pink ray bans are too cute! Dress up the outfit with heels or play it casual with flats! Either way, this is the perfect outfit for these upcoming months! 

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Jan 4, 2014

Review: Benefit Cosmetics

After some of the Benefit Cosmetics caught my attention, I became hooked on the brand! From the cute packaging to the super fun names, these products are hard to resit. But despite all that, they really work! I'm sharing with you what I think about some of the products I have.

1. "that gal" - I like to start my makeup routine with a primer so that my makeup will last until the end of the day. The great thing about "that gal" is that it's a face-brightening primer and gives your face a perfect glow and smoothness. It's perfect for dry skin and works well in combination with Benefit's moisturizer. (It smells great too!!)

2. "boi-ing" -  If you are in need of a concealer that hides your blemishes, dark spots, and imperfections completely then invest in Benefit's industrial strength concealer! Available in five shades, this product is perfect for everyone! I highly recommend using it for concealing under eye dark circles.

3. "The POREfessional" - I was drawn to this product because my pores are easily visible and I wanted to cover them as best as I can. The product is silky, lightweight, translucent, and doesn't make your face extra oily. Personally, I notice my pores looking visibly smaller around my T-zone and nose after using this product.

4. "They're Real! mascara - This mascara has recently become my all time favorite product I use. For days I don't want to apply heavy makeup, I like to at least have mascara on so people can notice! This mascara will visibly make your lashes look longer, darker, and thicker! 

5. "The POREfessional: agent zero shine" - This is the newest addition to my makeup bag and I'm already in love with it! My face tends to get oily, especially towards the end of the nights when I wear makeup. It helps keep your face smooth, vanishes your pores, and controls shine! The compact packaging, with the built in brush, allows you to keep in your bag, purse, or anywhere you go!

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Jan 3, 2014

Instagram Inspirations!

Instagram Inspirations!

One of the reasons I was able to start this blog was from being so inspired by other fashion bloggers! I find myself constantly scrolling through my instagram hoping to find new posts from some of my favorite users. I love seeing what's going on in their lives and what they're wearing everyday! So I'm sharing with you the girls who are fashion inspirations and icons to me. If you want to follow me on instagram, you can find me here - @belle__adore

@juliahengel - She's my absolute favorite blogger and instagram user that I follow! Her style is impeccable and her closet is to die for! Her pictures are always so fresh, colorful, and beautiful! I would describe her style as classic, modern, and always so put together. If you aren't following her already, you should definitely check her out!

@rachparcell -  If you're a fan of Julia from Gal Meets Glam then you are going to love Rach from Pink Peonies! Her outfits are always so glamorous and she accessorizes them perfectly. Describing her style as colorful would be an understatement, but she pulls of colors in such a great way. 

@aliciamlund - I've only been following Alicia for a little while now but I have fallen in love with her classic style. Her black and white outfit posts are my favorite and her simple outfits are perfect. I am basically living her life vicariously through she posts pictures of where she's at, her food, or just simple things. If you aren't following her insta or haven't read her blog take some time to check them out!

@happilygrey - Mary, from Happily Grey, has a way of turning a casual outfit into something cute and stylish! She is able to pair extravagant pices with simple ones for a uniquely perfect outfit! Her style can't be defined by one word but she's always looking fabulous!

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Jan 1, 2014

Perfect perfumes!

Perfect Perfumes!

Lately, I have been noticing the benefits of investing in higher quality makeup and beauty products. One of my latest obsessions has been perfumes! I've moved on from body sprays and heavy scented lotions to higher-quality perfumes! The best part amount perfumes, eau de toillettes, and eau de parfums is that a little can go a long way! Even if you use a small amount still will keep you smelling clean and sweet all day! These are some of the perfumes that I use on a daily basis!

Chanel: Chance Chanel is a perfume that my mom and I have been using for years. For some people fruity perfumes can be a bit too overpowering, so the good thing about Chance is that it isn't too overpowering. With a light, subtle, sensual scent it is the perfect perfume for the everyday or going out!

Marc Jacobs: Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh is my all time favorite perfume. I'm not a fan of heavily scented perfume so this one is perfect for anyone like me. This whimsical, fruity scent reminds my of spring and summer time but it is perfect for any time of the year. Although it's a light perfume, the scent stays with you all day long keeping you smelling sweet!

Estee Lauder: Estee Lauder introduced their newest scent, Modern Muse, not that long ago and it has been such a great hit! For anyone who is drawn towards very floral based perfumes, this one is for you! You can smell the hints of flowers, such as honeysuckle, and also the woodsy scents. For the girly girls out there, this the epitome of feminine perfumes. P.s How cute is the bottle?

Marc Jacobs: Marc Jacob's Dot is the newest addition to my growing collection of perfumes. I also have it a roller ball so I can keep it in my purse when I need to freshen up. This perfume is not as dramatic as most perfumes - it's light, flowery, and energetic! Filled with hints of red berries, jasmine, and driftwood, this perfume is bold yet feminine. 

Is it worth the money?

Transitions! Winter to spring pieces!

      With cold weather soon coming to an end, most stores are beginning to bring out their Spring/Summer collections. But before you say goodbye to dark colored pieces, sweaters, and jackets you should consider investing in some pieces that can easily transition from cold to warmer weather! Here are some of ideas of versatile clothing from three of my favorite stores - J.crew, Zara, and Anthropologie!


Anthropologie succeeded in making a jacket that can be worn all year round. This edgy, yet girly, moto jacket can be combined with virtually any color scheme because of its neutral color. For the winter time, a darker colored pants and scarf would balance the brightness of the white. In the Spring, this jacket would look amazing with an all-white ensemble or with other neutral or light pieces, such a light pink maxi-skirt or a light patterned skirt. 

Most girls have at least one denim jacket in their closet because of easy they are to wear. Paired with a cute scarf, dark jeans or leggings, and some riding boots, this denim jacket from Zara will complete an easy, chic look. Pair it with a white lace skirt and some gladiator sandals for a casual spring/summer outfit.

J.Crew's Pea coat trench has to be my favorite because of its timeless classical look. This jacket can either be dressed up (with a little black dress and heels) or dressed down (jeans, scarf, and trendy sneaks) for the winter time. Practically speaking, this jacket is perfect for rainy spring days but will still  make any outfit look cute!


Anthropologie took a unique spin on the LBD this season. The beautiful beaded work around the hem and sleeves gives it a hint of a bohemian feel. For the colder weather, picture it with black tights and classic pumps. For warm weather, add a stack of bangles and a pair of strappy sandals or wedges!

I fell in love with this dress from J.Crew as soon as I saw it! The print is so eye-catching and simple shift style makes it super easy to wear. With a knee length black dress coat and a pair or cute ankle booties your outfit would be complete! For spring, I would wear this dress with a pair of simple black flats and some contrasting colored jewelry.

Everyone knows florals are a spring staple (groundbreaking...I know). But in the case of this Zara floral dress they can be a part of winter too! The darker colors make it easy to wear in the winter but the florals allow it to be worn in the spring too! The style and shape of the dress add a bit of fanciness to the dress, but wear it with flat sandals to dress it down!


J.Crew is known for making classic, yet modern clothing. Their navy laced skirt is easily one of the most transitional pieces you could own. Add a pair of leather riding boots or ankle booties and a button down for an instant classic look. Or, just wear it with a white tee, sandals, and some bright jewelry!

I absolutely love this sequined Anthropologie skirt! It's to die for!! the color combination and shape are so flattering and elegant! I love the way the model is wearing it with booties - perfect for spring/summer! I would wear it with a tank top and cardigan and knee high boots for cold weather.

When I saw this Zara skirt in store I was immediately drawn to it. Navy is a color that will never go out of style and the jacquard print is so modern. Like the model, dark ankle boots and a dark shirt would look great with the skirt and a pea coat will complete the outfit. But, with a flowy, cream colored shirt, tank top, and ballet flats or sandals you can wear this in the warmer months.

Let me know what you think of my post and ideas! I would love to hear what you guys have to say!

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