Jan 18, 2014


I don't know about you, but I have been super stressed out because of finals this week! But now that my finals are mostly over and I have a 4 day weekend (yay!)  I've been able to relax and recuperate from a busy week! Here are some of tips for de-stressing from school or work!

1. Drink tea - I drink at least one cup of tea nightly to stay calm and not get overwhelmed when I do homework. It's the perfect way to start a day or wind down from a busy one. My personal favorite is the "Zen" or "Refresh" tea from Tazo.
2. Go to the gym - Working out is an easy way to brighten up your mood! It distracts you from everything that's going on plus you'll be getting fit! Lately, I've been going to Zumba classes at my gym and Body Plus (with abs) workouts.
3. Light a candle and read a book - Another way to relax and keep my mind of out things to get caught up in a good book. Have you read Eleanor and Park (I totally recommend it!) or John Greene's books? A light scented candle also helps to set a relaxing mood!
4. Bake - Baking always puts me in a better mood! Just today, I made brownies with cookie dough frosting! They were delicious! (Here they are!)
5. Girls night - If you want to get away from all the busyness that is school or work then call your best girlfriends! If you're not up for going out to dinner then stay it, rent a movie, paint your nails, eat some junk food! 
I hope you guys like this post! Let me know what you think!
xoxo jessica

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