Jan 31, 2014

Room Inspiration!

As my style in fashion develops, I've noticed how my preferences for home decor has changed. Personally, my favorite color combination is black and white. It's so simple and classic! For my room, however, I love adding a pop of color to add some fun! I feel that white bedding adds enough neutral color for you to mix and match different bright colors anywhere else in the room! My latest addition to my room decor has been some "coffee table" books! They don't necessarily have to be kept in living rooms (or on coffee tables!). There are tons of fashion related books that would make great additions to any bedroom! I also recently ventured in painting (I'm taking baby steps, don't worry!) and love how the black and white paintings look in my room! My parents brought me back sketches of Parisian landscapes from Paris that are framed and hanging in there too! Here are some pictures that have inspired the decor in my room! 

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                    xoxo Jessica 

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