Feb 22, 2014

Outfit of the Day {2/22/14}

For the first time in a while, the sun actually came out today and gave us a change from the drab, cold days we've been having around here! For a casual, yet polished look, I decided to wear my new tee from Sincerely Jules. I love the French phrase how the shirt features her own handwriting. I paired the gray tee with my favorite pair of Levi's skinny jeans, a cheetah printed belt, sunglasses, and my J.Crew flats. I didn't want to over power the look with too much jewelry, so I wore my new initial necklace (I love how small and delicate it is)! Overall, I think this outfit is perfect for a lazy Saturday and some errand running, and it's a perfect transition from winter to spring. 

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xoxo jessica

Feb 21, 2014

The Best of J.Crew

If you haven't already browsed J.Crew's spring collection then I suggest you head over to their web site as soon as possible! Featuring plenty of pastels, neutrals, florals, and other prints, this collection is absolutely perfect for the coming spring season. I love the lightweight fabrics and how the patterns are not overpowering. Every piece is beautifully structured and perfectly fitting. Blues, pinks, and creamy colors are the prominent colors in the collection as well as greys and white. Everything exudes feelings of spring; lightness, freshness, and newness.The skirts look so soft, with the sheer layered fabric. I picked out a few of my favorite pieces from he collection that I'm hoping to pick up sometime soon. I'm sure I'll be featuring the pieces I buy on my blog in the spring!

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xoxo Jessica

Feb 15, 2014

Macaron Obsession

Have macarons turned into the new cupcakes!? It seems like macarons have been popping up in every bakery and cafe in every city and town! They couldn't get any cuter...coming in every color and flavor imaginable! It's like having a little piece of French culture with you, wherever you are. I have been seeing macarons on every blog I read and in tons of Instagram pictures so I wanted to make my own for my blogs! I decided on coffee macarons with a coffee filling (I mean what could be better?) Surprisingly, they weren't hard to make and tasted just like the ones I've tried from cafes! Here's the link for the recipe! I'm excited to try out different flavors but I was very happy with how these came out! The consistency was perfect and the appearance was exactly how they should be!

  (piping the mix into 1in circles before baking!)
  (After they finished baking!)
(Finished - with mocha cream in-between!)
Assist credit to my dad - Thanks for helping me make these!
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xoxo - jessica

Feb 13, 2014

Things I'm Loving: Pink & White

I love finding new places to shop, even if it is an online shop or a small business! Through blogging, I have been able to find so many new companies that are owned by very stylish and business oriented women! I have put together some of my absolute favorite items that I have found from cute start up businesses! I have made some purchases from these companies and I can't tell you how much I love the products! So check out what I'm loving right now...naturally I went with a pink and white theme!

I hope you love these products just as much as I do!
xoxo jessica

Feb 9, 2014

Outfit Idea Under $100

Shopping on a budget is one of the hardest things a girl has to do! I would love to fill my wardrobe with designer clothes but it's not something I can afford! But finding outfits that are similar to runway and magazine styles isn't as hard as it sounds! Shopping sales and researching before you shop is the easiest way to stay on your budget, without giving up a luxury look. Inspired by the classic look of black and white, I put together this outfit! I love the length of the black midi skirt and pairing it with this tee it makes the outfit laid back yet dressy. I love the mix of patterns when you add the leopard flats! A simple, delicate necklace doesn't overpower the outfit but adds a feminine touch, as does a bit of this Marc Jacobs scent! 
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Xoxo Jessica 

Feb 3, 2014

Skin Care Routine

I have never been that consistent with my skin care routine because I never found products that worked well my skin type. After searching for the perfect cleanser and moisturizer, I have found ones that leave my skin clean and healthy! When my skin broke out, I always thought that it was acne but I realized it was just because my skin was too dry! I began to realize how important moisturizer is and that it is a necessity for clear skin. For a cleanser, I use Biore's Deep Charcoal Cleanser (found at any convenience store!) because it targets your dirty pores and removes excess oils from your face. For an exfoliator, I use the Ocean Sea Salt scrub from Lush. I use it frequently, but not everyday, to be sure to not over exfoliate and dry out my skin. The salts in the scrub soften your skin by removing any dirt and dead skin, leaving your face bright and fresh. It has a hint of vodka and lime that gives your skin a much needed invigorating kick! As for moisturizers, I am careful to avoid those that contain oils. Since I have combination skin (dry in some parts, but still oily), I do not want to make my face appear any more oily that it sometimes does. Aveeno's Positively Radiant Daily Mousturizer is light and non-greasy. It's perfect for sunny days, as well as winter months, because it contains suncreen. I use this product because it visibly evens the tone and texture of my skin. Although it is recommended to switch your beauty products every once in a while, for the time being the combination of these three products is perfect for my skin!

                                   What are your favorite skin care products? Let me know! 
                                                                xoxo jessica

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