Feb 15, 2014

Macaron Obsession

Have macarons turned into the new cupcakes!? It seems like macarons have been popping up in every bakery and cafe in every city and town! They couldn't get any cuter...coming in every color and flavor imaginable! It's like having a little piece of French culture with you, wherever you are. I have been seeing macarons on every blog I read and in tons of Instagram pictures so I wanted to make my own for my blogs! I decided on coffee macarons with a coffee filling (I mean what could be better?) Surprisingly, they weren't hard to make and tasted just like the ones I've tried from cafes! Here's the link for the recipe! I'm excited to try out different flavors but I was very happy with how these came out! The consistency was perfect and the appearance was exactly how they should be!

  (piping the mix into 1in circles before baking!)
  (After they finished baking!)
(Finished - with mocha cream in-between!)
Assist credit to my dad - Thanks for helping me make these!
Comment your thoughts!
xoxo - jessica

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