Feb 9, 2014

Outfit Idea Under $100

Shopping on a budget is one of the hardest things a girl has to do! I would love to fill my wardrobe with designer clothes but it's not something I can afford! But finding outfits that are similar to runway and magazine styles isn't as hard as it sounds! Shopping sales and researching before you shop is the easiest way to stay on your budget, without giving up a luxury look. Inspired by the classic look of black and white, I put together this outfit! I love the length of the black midi skirt and pairing it with this tee it makes the outfit laid back yet dressy. I love the mix of patterns when you add the leopard flats! A simple, delicate necklace doesn't overpower the outfit but adds a feminine touch, as does a bit of this Marc Jacobs scent! 
Comment what you think! 
Xoxo Jessica 

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