Mar 7, 2014

Pugly Pixel

For all you bloggers out there, if you haven't heard of the site Pugly Pixel, then I would head on over as soon as possible. I was looking to redesign my blog and considering I don't have much knowledge on coding or html, I wanted to find a site that would help me change the layout and design of my it. I stumbled across Pugly Pixel, and even though I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, I first fell in love with the typography, style, and the appearance of the blog. The author of the blog documents her progress in coding and photoshop through bright pictures and cool artwork. She posts about new textures, fonts, and shapes that are available for blogs and also odds and end pictures that she likes. The entire experience of this blog is so lovely and even if you have no interest in blogging or coding you can still enjoy this site (the pictures are so dynamic, colorful, and cute!). Free themes and wallpapers are available for download along with in depth explanations on how to apply them to your blog. I loved the way the Lemon Meringue theme looked so I applied it to my blog! Following the video that she provided I was able to successfully apply it my blog and adjust it based on my color preferences. For those of you who are looking to update the theme of your blog, find new typography, or apply different textures to your blog, Pugly Pixel is the place to be!

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xoxo Jessica

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