May 16, 2014

Summer Hairstyle {The Log Bob}

The Log Bob

Have you ever had the urge to completely change your hair? I mean taking off ten inches, adding some cute fringe bangs, or permanently straightening it? I've been contemplating cutting my hair for a while now and I finally got the courage to take off about nine inches. I decided to go for a longer the ends hit just below my shoulders.

Whenever I go to a salon I always bring pictures of how I want my hair to look so the stylist can have an image in their minds when they're cutting. I was inspired by the cuts and style of these five beautiful ladies and knew I wanted to try out their hairstyles. The long bob is perfect for summer weather because you can still curl it, straighten it, braid it, or put it in a bun while not having to deal with your long and heavy hair. I'm so happy with my decision to change up my style and sport this shorter will definitely be on the blog soon! 
Have you been thinking about trying out a new hairstyle? xo Jessica 

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