Jun 28, 2014

Frank Scrub {Beauty Review}

Frank...my new beauty obsession/essential

After seeing excessive amounts of selfies of girls holding their bag of Frank, I decided to look into the product! The reviews raved about it and the overall effect it gives the user - super soft skin, elimination of skin issues, offers moisturizer, and an overall more toned skin. So naturally, I gave in and ordered a pouch of the original formula to test it out. I can't tell you how in love I am with the product and how it left my skin. Their slogan is "get naked. get dirty. get rough. get clean." and let me tell you, its all true. Like any scrub, you just rub on your skin then rinse it off. I looked like I just rolled around in mud or something because the dark coffee granules were all over me. With Frank, the coffee's texture is naturally rough so it offers extra exfoliation for your skin. After letting it dry for about 10 minutes, you just rinse it off!  I went to bed feeling so soft and smelling a bit like coffee (if you're like me (a coffee addict) then that's the best part). Oh, and be prepared to clean your shower because it makes quites the mess...it's the price you have to pay though:) I needed a little pick-me up after spending a week at the beach...all the sun exposure got me and Frank totally scrubbed all the dead skin and left me feeling rejuvenated and clean. I'll definitely be taking it with me to Puerto Rico!

 If you have any more questions about the Frank Scrub then leave them in the comments below!
- jessica 

Jun 27, 2014

Behind the Blog {Sailing the Sea of Style}

Seriously...how perfect is her style..

Not only are her ensembles perfect, her photo shoot locations are always so on point.

Visit her blog here!

Meet Sloane. She's the blogger behind Sailing the Sea of Style. With its chic, modern, and elegant design, her blog is aesthetically appealing to her readers and posts range from all thing fashion to food to travel! I mean, what's not to like! What made Sloane's blog different from other teenage bloggers I follow was that her outfit choices were so stylish. Of course, fashion bloggers should be stylish but Sloane's outfit posts look like they could be featured in magazines or at next years NYFW! I have major clothing envy whenever she posts a new ootd or an Instagram picture:)! Besides running a popular blog ( one of my favorites) she has already step foot into the  cutthroat world of fashion and met so many noteworthy bloggers and designers. Her fashion career may have just just begun, but look out, there are big things in store for her! I asked her a few question about blogging and her lifestyle...here's what she had to say...

1. So you started your blog two years ago...what would you say is the biggest change from your blog then to now?

  • The biggest change... I feel as if my whole vibe has changed to be honest. From the way I dress, to my thoughts on fashion, travel, life, you name it. And not to be cliche, but I definitely have grown up and into my own skin so much the past two years.

2. 3 words to describe your style?

  • classic, edgy, menswear inspired

3. You live near NYC ( a pretty iconic fashion capital of the world)...do you find it hard to make your style stand out from the crowds of other fashionable individuals?

  • I actually live in Greenwich, CT which is about 30 mins away from the city, but I just stick to my personal style pretty much.

4. What do you consider the most essential pieces of clothing that every woman should have in their wardrobes?

  • Three items: A classic bag, casual sneakers (Converse), and shades.

5. A typical summer day for you looks like...?

  • I turn into a freaking mermaid during the summer. I'm on the water from 9-5 which a lunch break. Sometimes, I sail at night or if not I work on blog.

6. An accessory that you can't live without?

  • Sunglasses- they are one with my face

7. You recently met Alber Elbaz from Lavin...can you describe the experience of meeting such a huge fashion icon?

8. I'm sure you have some fun trips planned for the summer...what are your essential beach tote items?

  • Headphones (plus my phone), suncreen, and my camera.

9. Do you have any tips for bloggers hoping to grow their blogs?

  • Stick to it. It takes time, but as long as you stick with your blog and believe in yourself it will work out. Produce unique content and the readers will come.

10. Any fun collabs/posts coming up that we can look forward to?

  • You must wait and see!!
Are you a fan of STSS? Let me know!

Jun 24, 2014

Summer Stripes {ootd/6.25.14}

While I have always been a fan of the maxi skirt/dress trend I never wore them myself because I wasn't sure if I felt comfortable with how they looked on me (I had a horrible experience with one that made me look horrible!) I was in Madewell recently and I spotted this skirt in my size and on major sale so I just had to try it on. The sales girl was super nice and kept complimenting me on how it looked so she ultimately convinced me to get it and I'm so glad she did! The look is so effortless but sophisticated when worn with the right top, shoes, and accessories. I wore it today with a striped tank and a pair of cork sandals for a very easy look! Delicate jewelry added a nice touch but didn't overwhelm the outfit. I will definitely have to try this look out with wedges and a fancier top!

What do you guys think of this look? Are you a maxi skirt fan?
xo jessica

Jun 23, 2014

Parisian inspiration

Parisian inspiration

What comes to mind when I think of Paris are super stylish women riding around the streets on their vespas only stopping at cafes or boutiques. I'm being completely serious! I've wanted to visit Paris ever since I was younger and started taking an interest in fashion (I'm being told the trip will happen "soon") and as I've grown older I realize how the Parisian lifestyle has affected my own personal style. There's something about their minimalistic yet completely put together style and their "I didn't even try" but perfectly styled hair that inspires me so much. In an effort to understand how the French perfect the style that they do, I came to the conclusion that their wardrobes are complied of only  essential items with very few "trend" pieces mixed in. While we all want to have the hottest new pieces, what's the point if we can only get use out of it for one season and then have to replace them with the trendy pieces of the next season? I'm the kind of person that would rather splurge on timeless items that I know I will wear repeatedly all year than buy more affordable pieces that I don't love and won't get much use out of. In this case, less is more. The Parisian style is so iconic because of how simple it is. Modern pieces are part of the French's wardrobe, of course, but they are smart in buying pieces that are in style now but will also be considered fashionable in future years. When I stumbled across this Zara jumpsuit I immediately thought about how perfectly it resembled the essence of the Paris style. Jumpsuits are in right now, but this one, because of its flattering shape and neutral color will be just as stylish with an added blazer and pumps. The same goes for the bags. With their unique colors they fit right in to today's fashion image, but, their classic silhouettes give them everlasting
style points. With all this being said, giving your wardrobe a little European flair is as simple as this: buy less, choose well. I'm sure you've heard this before ( I know I have..) but seriously, it's that simple. Splurge on the items that you know you'll wear for years. Like those jeans that are almost $200...the use you will get out of them and their overall quality makes them worth it. Simple tees and Oxford shirts in a variety of colors go hand-in-hand with a European style but don't forget to keep a few figure flattering and structured pieces too! Leather is a no brainer...leather sandals, boots, bags, and belt are not only chic and modern but durable and comfortable. Keep all this in mind next time you are out shopping...would you rather buy a  few crop tops and high waisted shorts that you can wear for this rest of the summer of a pair of classic sunglasses that will last you a lifetime. I know what I would pick:)

Thought? Comments? Questions? Leave your comments below!
xo jessica 

Here are some items that I think would be a great foundation to anyone's wardrobe!

Jun 21, 2014

Navy & White {ootd 6.21.14}

Today's outfit has me feeling like Mackenzie Horan (from Design Darling!) because she's the queen of all things navy and white (#navyornothing)! I got this Zara top a few weeks ago but haven't worn it until today! It's a crop top (a little long though..) so I wore them with my new J.Crew pull on shorts! The shorts have an elastic band at the top and sit around my waist so with this top I'm not showing too much of my stomach. I feel like this color combination is so classic and can be worn with any other color, but I decided to stick with navy and white! I pulled out my Chanel sunglasses and Vince Camuto espadrilles because they match too perfectly. Making another appearance is my gold initial necklace and some other gold accessories! Casual, chic, and feminine is how i would describe this outfit! Oh, and happy first day of Summer!!

What do you think...too much navy:)?
xo jessica

Jun 20, 2014

Lessons Learned

I know this isn't something that I would usually post but I wanted to share with you guys the lessons I have learned from my short time as a blogger. Belle Adore is less than a year old, however, I still consider myself a blogger. Not only is my blog a creative outlet where I can express my style and inspiration, it is a way for me connect with other bloggers to grow and learn. From my short time blogging I have learned a few lessons and tricks that have helped my blog expand and develop into what it is today! I am so thankful for those of you who read my blog regularly and have followed me even when I first began...this one is for you:)!

1. Time management: I was still in school when I first began Belle Adore and I quickly realized that time management was going to be something that I needed to work on. I needed to prioritize my time ...and that meant finishing schoolwork before I caught up on my favorite blogs or started writing a new post. I always set aside time to schedule posts and dedicate time to making my blog better but now that school's over I can focus more of my energy towards it! Along with the idea of time management comes consistency. I hate to admit it, but when I first began blogging I wrote a post maybe once every other week or two in a span of 48 hours. I realized that my blog wasn't going to survive if I wasn't being consistent. Setting personal "due dates" is something that helps me because knowing that I need to finish a post by a certain time forces me to focus. In the beginning it was hard, but after having found times throughout the day that are the best for sitting down and working on a new post I am able to create/follow a pattern that works.

2. Ask for help: It's no secret that I'm not the best with computers...so, when I wanted customize my blog and change the theme I had no idea where to begin. I asked my brother for help (he's a computer genius!) and he was happy to work on new project that involved editing html. He's the one who added the transparent floating  toolbar at the top of my page! After going to him when I was having technical difficulties I realized that I could go to other bloggers with questions that were more relevant to content. I reached out to a few blogger and they gladly answered any questions I had. It's so great when there are other bloggers that you are able to relate to and connect with.

3. Social Media is Key: Without social media I don't think I would have been able to get to where I am. On each different social media platform there are such different and wider audiences. I have been able to connect with my favorite bloggers and get and give my followers a closer look into my life. I loving taking pictures and you can see my colorful shots on my Instagram feed - @belle__adore (two underscores..don't forget). I am able to follow brands and tag them in my outfit pictures...Stila Cosmetics recently regramed my pictures and Essie retweeted my twitter post (total OMG moment)! I also joined the Twitter world recently! Here, I'm also able to follow my favorite bloggers and brands but everything is a bit more personal! Follow me @belleadoreblog! I have a Google + page where you can add me to your circle or chat me...here is my page! Besides connecting with me through any of these social media sites, you can contact me through my email (belleadoreblogs@gmail.com)! Whether you have questions for me, want to collaborate, or just chat, I would love to read and respond to your emails! 

4. Keep Lists: I was never the type of person to keep lists or use a planner, but, ever since I started blogging I always keep notepads in my purse, on my desk, and around my room. With blogging comes the difficulty of having to write new posts several times a week. Throughout the days I am constantly getting inspired by things around me and am thinking about new topics to write about...so, I jot down any idea that comes to mind, no matter how well thought out it is, and look back at that list when it comes time to start a new posts. I fell into the habit of writing down my ideas so naturally, I began keeping to do lists and habitually updating my planner. I attended a conference earlier this year and one speaker was talking about the idea of writing down any idea that came to mind because it only takes one good idea to succeed. At the time I paid no attention to her, but now that I think about her, she might have planted this idea in my head...so thank you!

5. Dream Big: The reason I started this blog was mainly because I was so inspired by other bloggers, particularly Julia from Gal Meets Glam and Carly from the College Prepster. Ever since, I have been looking to some of my favorite bloggers for guidance and inspiration. They have taught me so much about the logistics and general aspects of blogging whether they know it or not:) Seeing how their careers have taken off from humble beginnings only makes me want to work harder so that one day I can hopefully have a bigger role in the fashion blogging community. 

Are you a blogger? What are some things that you have learned? 

Jun 17, 2014

Back to basics//blue button downs

I could live in button downs...but seriously though. They're so classic but if you find the right one they have such a comfortable feel to them. Wear them with a skirt and you have an instant formal outfit but with shorts or jeans they can be the perfect weekend uniform. Today was one of those days where the sun was shining but the temperature was in the low 70s. I opted out of wearing shorts because I was spending most of the day outside and wore a pair of dark skinnies instead. My Gap button down has that worn in feel (even though its new) but a crisp, clean look. Of course I bought it in blue...which seems to be what most of my closet in made of! Since I was going for a casual look, I left my hair down and did minimal makeup. For an understated look, I only layered my simple initial necklace with an older charm necklace and then wore my midi rings and a gold bracelet. I added the bright pink lips to compliment the pink in my Kate Spade bag:) I had a lovely day shopping for some upcoming trips and I can't wait to share it all with you guys!

Do you live in your button downs too?
xo Jessica

Jun 15, 2014

Amour Amour//ootd

This outfit was from last weekend but I decided to share it with you guys because I got a few questions about the pieces I was wearing after posting a picture on Instagram. I have been searching for a pair of beachy (jogger) pants like these for a while now..so when I saw these on sale at J.Crew I purchased them right away. I was a bit worried about the fit because I hadn't tried them on but I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. The fit is very true to size and i love how they end right at my ankles...they're perfect when paired with sandals! The print is so cute but not too overwhelming and I love how they have pockets! Finding a top to wear with these pants was a stressful because I'm not one that usually wears prints, however, I loved how this "amour" top looked! With it slightly tucked in, it made for a casual an laid back look! My Madewell sunnies and handy leather cross body were a must-have for going out lunch with my family and then to stop by a grad party. These pants will most definitely be a stable for this summer!

Would you wear printed pants like these?
xo Jessica

Jun 13, 2014

Summer Simplicity

With school having finished I have had a ton of free time on my hands...but I'm not complaining. I was able to have an amazing dinner with some friends, see the The Fault In Our Stars (this was the first time in a while that I cried during a movie), write a few blog posts, and I'll be spending a week at my friend's beach house starting Sunday! For my summer day to day look I tend to keep my outfits simple and laid back since I'm usually out running errands, grabbing a quick lunch, or babysitting. Jean shorts have always been a summer staple of mine but I seem to be drawn towards the boyfriend fit and distressed look as opposed to shorter and tighter ones. These J.Crew denim shorts are the perfect length and the pattern is so simple yet whimsical. Blue seems to be a reoccurring color in my closet so this top is a perfect option. It has a sharp, clean, and classic feel but the shape is so modern and chic. A comfortable pair of casual sneakers are a must have for everyone. I love these Nike's that J.Crew carries because they're comfy and fashionable...I would wear them with jeans or a simple striped shift dress! This Madewell bag and pink pair of sunnies are too cute and perfect accessories for the outfit. I can picture myself wearing this out to lunch and fro-yo in town then stopping by the farmer's market for fresh flowers.

What's your go-to day to day outfit?
xo Jessica

Jun 11, 2014

Summer Glow

In a perfect world, I would have gorgeously bronzed and blemish-free skin. But...I don't so thank goodness for my go-to makeup products! With the start of summer, I want my makeup to give me a clear complexion and make me "glow" all while looking natural and easy. I recently purchased a mini bottle of the Naked Skin beauty balm after hearing great reviews about it. I would compare it a BB cream because its has SPF, it works as a tinted moisturizer, gives your complexion a more even look, and it's super light. I love how it makes my skin glow without the gross/heavy feeling of foundation! After that, I use the Bare Mineral's "Stroke of Light" under eye brightener. It gives my eyes a brighter look and takes the tiredness under my eye. To cover up any blemishes, I use Bare Mineral's concealer. It definitely hides any redness on my face and lends to a clear looking face. The Bare Mineral's Matte Powder is what I use to finish off my look. I sometimes use this powder alone, meaning without the Naked Balm, if my face is overall clear. I recently added Dr. Jart's "Pore Minish Mist" to my makeup routine after talking to a salesperson at Sephora. After telling her that I wanted something to make my face appear less shiny she directed me toward this! I use it to mattify my face and stop any excessive oil. My new Nars blush adds a beautiful pink/tan color to my cheek and the Naked Palette brightens my eyes! All of these products, along with spending time in the sun, gives me a glowing complexion perfect for summer!
What are your summer makeup must haves?
xo jessica

Jun 8, 2014

Behind the Blog {Popcosmo}

When I first stumbled upon Popcosmo I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous graphic design and overall sleekness of the blog. At first I was confused by the mother/daughter aspect of the blog but I realized that two different perspectives was better than one! Chloe, aka "the daughter", is so relatable, funny, and quirky (her puns are the best :) )!  I quickly became and avid reader of this blog because I was so draw to the variety, quality, and fun-ness of their posts! I wanted to do a feature on Popcosmo but I decided to only interview Chloe because I felt that she was more relatable (she's a teen, I'm a teen...). I asked her a few questions and here's what she had to say!

1. What made you (or your mom) want to start your blog? Was there a specific blogger that inspired you?

  • When I was 12 I started doing triathlon races. One of the older girls that I trained with (she was like 25 or something) had a blog keeping track of her training and race day stories. I thought it was the coolest thing ever so I asked her to help me set up my very own blog. I kept it going for about two years but then my family and I moved from Florida to Kentucky. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep up with my triathlons anymore (between the fact that I was in Kentucky (aka not really triathlon central) and the fact that I was about to start high school.) However, I missed  blogging so my mom and I decided to start a teen website and it kind of evolved into a mother daughter blog over time! 

2. We all know that popcosmo is written by you and your mom...what would you say is the most challenging part of working with her?

  • It can be hard to work with my mom, but it's also really rewarding. The hardest thing is if I haven't done a chore or something around the house she critiques and edits my posts, pictures, and/or graphics way more than normal (; 

3. What goes into writing a blog post? Do you and your mom collaborate all the time or do you assign posts to write individually?

  • It varies from post to post. We typically write our posts on our own and then have each other edit it. I'm solely in charge of the graphics and photos and my mom reviews them and critiques them.

4. Favorite item in your closet?

  • This is hard! At the moment I'd have to say my new Anthropologie black dress and my Steve Madden booties. They look so "New York" when worn together! Aka all black everything. 

5. Three words to describe your style?

  • This is hard! At the moment I'd have to say my new Anthropologie black dress and my Steve Madden booties. They look so "New York" when worn together! Aka all black everything. 

6. I read about your internship this summer, what do you think is going to be the hardest thing about being alone in the city? 

  • Thankfully I'll be staying with my grandma so I won't be that alone! However, the hardest part will most definitely be not spending all my money on food and clothes! Hah! 

7. Any exciting collabs/posts that we can look forward to? 

  • My lips are sealed :)

A big shoutout goes out to Chloe for doing this! Head on over to Popcsomo for more fun posts!!xo jessica

Jun 6, 2014

Summer Whites {6.6.14}

To me, summer means pretty sundresses, sandals, sun, and relaxation. Today was a combination of all of that and it made for an amazing day for my brother's graduation. I recently got this white Zara dress and thought it was perfect for a graduation. It fits amazingly and the material is linen, so its very light and comfortable. The cap sleeves, fitted waist, and tulip styled skirt made for a feminine look. I wore my metallic sandals from Anthropologie (similar here and here) for some contrast and did a simple and natural makeup look to keep things fresh. After graduation, we went out for lunch at this delicious local restaurant were they serve everything using local, farm fresh, ingredients. Like I said, so far it's been the perfect day!

What's your favorite summer dress?
xo jessica

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