Jun 27, 2014

Behind the Blog {Sailing the Sea of Style}

Seriously...how perfect is her style..

Not only are her ensembles perfect, her photo shoot locations are always so on point.

Visit her blog here!

Meet Sloane. She's the blogger behind Sailing the Sea of Style. With its chic, modern, and elegant design, her blog is aesthetically appealing to her readers and posts range from all thing fashion to food to travel! I mean, what's not to like! What made Sloane's blog different from other teenage bloggers I follow was that her outfit choices were so stylish. Of course, fashion bloggers should be stylish but Sloane's outfit posts look like they could be featured in magazines or at next years NYFW! I have major clothing envy whenever she posts a new ootd or an Instagram picture:)! Besides running a popular blog ( one of my favorites) she has already step foot into the  cutthroat world of fashion and met so many noteworthy bloggers and designers. Her fashion career may have just just begun, but look out, there are big things in store for her! I asked her a few question about blogging and her lifestyle...here's what she had to say...

1. So you started your blog two years ago...what would you say is the biggest change from your blog then to now?

  • The biggest change... I feel as if my whole vibe has changed to be honest. From the way I dress, to my thoughts on fashion, travel, life, you name it. And not to be cliche, but I definitely have grown up and into my own skin so much the past two years.

2. 3 words to describe your style?

  • classic, edgy, menswear inspired

3. You live near NYC ( a pretty iconic fashion capital of the world)...do you find it hard to make your style stand out from the crowds of other fashionable individuals?

  • I actually live in Greenwich, CT which is about 30 mins away from the city, but I just stick to my personal style pretty much.

4. What do you consider the most essential pieces of clothing that every woman should have in their wardrobes?

  • Three items: A classic bag, casual sneakers (Converse), and shades.

5. A typical summer day for you looks like...?

  • I turn into a freaking mermaid during the summer. I'm on the water from 9-5 which a lunch break. Sometimes, I sail at night or if not I work on blog.

6. An accessory that you can't live without?

  • Sunglasses- they are one with my face

7. You recently met Alber Elbaz from Lavin...can you describe the experience of meeting such a huge fashion icon?

8. I'm sure you have some fun trips planned for the summer...what are your essential beach tote items?

  • Headphones (plus my phone), suncreen, and my camera.

9. Do you have any tips for bloggers hoping to grow their blogs?

  • Stick to it. It takes time, but as long as you stick with your blog and believe in yourself it will work out. Produce unique content and the readers will come.

10. Any fun collabs/posts coming up that we can look forward to?

  • You must wait and see!!
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