Jun 23, 2014

Parisian inspiration

Parisian inspiration

What comes to mind when I think of Paris are super stylish women riding around the streets on their vespas only stopping at cafes or boutiques. I'm being completely serious! I've wanted to visit Paris ever since I was younger and started taking an interest in fashion (I'm being told the trip will happen "soon") and as I've grown older I realize how the Parisian lifestyle has affected my own personal style. There's something about their minimalistic yet completely put together style and their "I didn't even try" but perfectly styled hair that inspires me so much. In an effort to understand how the French perfect the style that they do, I came to the conclusion that their wardrobes are complied of only  essential items with very few "trend" pieces mixed in. While we all want to have the hottest new pieces, what's the point if we can only get use out of it for one season and then have to replace them with the trendy pieces of the next season? I'm the kind of person that would rather splurge on timeless items that I know I will wear repeatedly all year than buy more affordable pieces that I don't love and won't get much use out of. In this case, less is more. The Parisian style is so iconic because of how simple it is. Modern pieces are part of the French's wardrobe, of course, but they are smart in buying pieces that are in style now but will also be considered fashionable in future years. When I stumbled across this Zara jumpsuit I immediately thought about how perfectly it resembled the essence of the Paris style. Jumpsuits are in right now, but this one, because of its flattering shape and neutral color will be just as stylish with an added blazer and pumps. The same goes for the bags. With their unique colors they fit right in to today's fashion image, but, their classic silhouettes give them everlasting
style points. With all this being said, giving your wardrobe a little European flair is as simple as this: buy less, choose well. I'm sure you've heard this before ( I know I have..) but seriously, it's that simple. Splurge on the items that you know you'll wear for years. Like those jeans that are almost $200...the use you will get out of them and their overall quality makes them worth it. Simple tees and Oxford shirts in a variety of colors go hand-in-hand with a European style but don't forget to keep a few figure flattering and structured pieces too! Leather is a no brainer...leather sandals, boots, bags, and belt are not only chic and modern but durable and comfortable. Keep all this in mind next time you are out shopping...would you rather buy a  few crop tops and high waisted shorts that you can wear for this rest of the summer of a pair of classic sunglasses that will last you a lifetime. I know what I would pick:)

Thought? Comments? Questions? Leave your comments below!
xo jessica 

Here are some items that I think would be a great foundation to anyone's wardrobe!

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