Jul 31, 2014

4-Step Makeup Routine

Whether you hit the snooze button one too many times and are late for work or you're in a rush for a lunch date, spending too long on your makeup is just not an option! I'll admit, sometimes it takes me a long time to get ready...I mean perfecting the cat eye look does takes patience and practice! I like to think I've perfected the quick beauty routine for those days where you're in a hurry and just want that natural, but "put together", makeup look! After washing my face and applying moisturizer this is what my routine looks like...

1. Face- A tinted moisturizer or BB cream is what I use in the summertime!  I use a Beauty Blended to apply it so that it goes on evenly and doesn't leave me with any streaks. The Naked Beauty Balm gives you an overall better complexion, minimizes the appearance of pores, and has a lightweight feel. For a less expensive alternative, I recommend the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. If I have any extremely obvious blemishes then a cream concealer is used to cover them up! I use Bare Minerals concealer. A swipe of pink blush finishes the face and adds some neccessary color to my face!

2. Eyebrows- I just recently realized the importance of maintaining my eyebrows. I'm not talking about tweezing/waxing, I mean shaping. Either brushing them with a brow pencil or filling them in with a pencil...it really makes a difference. I absolutely love the Anastasia 'Brow Wiz' it does wonders for my eyebrows!

3. Eyes - Most of the time I only wear a few coats of mascara on my lashes, unless I'm in the mood to do a bold liner or a shimmery eye. I curl my lashes first then apply 2-3 coats of mascara! I got the the Calvin Klein mascara as a birthday gift and I love the way it lengthens my lashes! I also love the Bare Minerals "Lash Domination" mascara!

4. Finish - Now that the face, eyes, and eyebrows are done, all that's left is to apply some translucent powder to set the makeup! This isn't necessary but I think it helps keep the oil/shine away for longer! I don't wear lipstick or lipgloss on a regular basis but rose salve is my life saver! I bit of this completes my natural, and easy, look!

What's your quick makeup routine? Do you use any of these products?

Jul 29, 2014

Midi Skirt style

 I've been a fan of the midi skirt look ever since they became so popular in the past couple of years and have searching for one that's the perfect length and fit for me! I had so much fun doing this collaboration with eShakti because it's a look that I haven't featured on my blog yet! I chose to style this midi skirt because I thought about how versatile it'll be! I'm wearing it with a simple tank and wedges which is perfect for a summer brunch, dinner, or even garden party! But, I already planned some outfits that I can wear with this skirt in cooler weather...I mean its perfect for Christmas time! Anyway, the awesome thing about eShakti is that everything is customizable. If you love everything about one of their pieces besides, say...the sleeves...they can work something out for you! This aspect of their company was great for my midi skirt because they took into account my height so that the skirt hit just the right part on my legs and gave me the best fit! This skirt will definitely be making another appearance on the blog!

Check out eShakti's Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter more more info on the company!

What do you think of my midi skirt look! Also follow my twitter for more fashion-related posts - @belleadoreblog

Jul 22, 2014

White Out

This crop top has been sitting in my closet for well over two months because I haven't found the perfect skirt/short to wear it with! I was on the Nastygal website recently and this skirt caught my eye because of its silhouette and structure. Paired with my neoprene crop top, I knew this skirt would make for an edgy, but chic, outfit. The muscle tee style and shortness/tightness of this crop top was a little different form what I would usually wear, but, the high wasted aspect and length of the skirt added some femininity to the outfit. Of course, I'm sporting my favorite Ray Ban aviators...they've been glued to face all summer practically! A cool ring set and a mini cross body bag finished the look and turned this monochromatic outfit into my favorite color combo - black and white! This look was perfect for a warm summer day, it made for an easy day look and transitioned well for a dinner out. 

What do you think of this B&W outfit?

Nasty Gal Neo Geo Skirt • Nasty Gal
Ray-Ban 'Original Aviator' 58mm Polarized Sunglasses • Ray-Ban
Chronicle Ring Set • Nasty Gal
Seychelles Brand New Ankle-Wrap Sandal, Silver • Seychelles
Bleecker Mini Preston Satchel In Signature Fabric • Coach
Kain Romy Crop Tank • Kain Label

Jul 18, 2014

Happy Weekend + Links

  • The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts today...need I say more?!
  • My Clarisonic is on super sale! It's seriously such a good investment and a perfect addition to any one's skin care routine. 
  • This video of Dolce and Gabbanna male models hitting on you, on helium, had me smiling/laughing the whole way through. It seriously is worth taking few minutes to watch it!
  • I just picked up my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and it made me miss school (for a second...). I ended up going with the "peelin' out" print!
  • I loved one of Carly's recent blog posts about patience...it really made me distinguish what's important in life and what's worth working really hard for. 
  • J.Crew sales on sales! Extra 40% off sale, shorts, and swim!
  • If you aren't already following me on my other social media accounts..now's the time:)! Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr
Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Jul 15, 2014

Working Girl

Today marks the first day of my life as a working girl...#yay! I'll be working at a clothing store at my local mall as your typical cashier/greeter/clothes folder...glamorous I know:) I'm excited, to say the least, to start my first job, earn a paycheck, and start feeling like a real adult! Working in the fashion industry is what I'm planning on doing during/after college so what better way to get my foot in the door than a job at a retail store? Gaining experience in retail/merchandising/ fashion is what I'm most excited about this job and I'm hoping that I have a chance to move up in this company with hard work and dedication (maybe I'll become CEO...haha jk) I already met the managers at the company when I went to interview and they are so cool! They're all really young and seem super invested in the company and take their jobs seriously but really emphasize making the work place fun! I'm a bit nervous about getting to know my co-workers, dealing with unpleasant customers, making new friends and just fitting in with the whole store's environment. Hopefully my first day goes well and I really enjoy it! 

Have any tips for your first day at a new job? I'd love to hear them!
xo jessica

Jul 12, 2014

Summer Edge

White flowy dresses, florals, stripes, seersucker, bright colored shorts, beachy waves. Just a few things that come to mind when I think of summer fashion. But, summer isn't an excuse to hide all of our neutrals and darker toned clothing in the back our closets! Don't get me wrong...I love floral sundresses and bright colored chinos just as much as the next girl, but I'm also a huge fan of the opposite side of fashion. You'll find me sporting navy and gray ensembles in the summer and well as black ones. And in cooler months, I'm frequently be wearing monochromatic outfits of more opaque colors. I know, I know...black in the summer? What am I thinking?! Black has been, is, and will continue to be, in my opinion, one of the most universally flattering colors for women! So why not wear it in the hotter months? This romper is the perfect union of flirty and edgy. The silhouette has a super feminine vibe but the color adds maturity and sophistication. Summer and sandals go hand in hand, of course, and hardware on these Sam Edelman sandals add just the right touch of edge. A sleek watch with gold detailing goes perfectly with this pair of hanging earrings. Since this outfit can transition effortlessly from day to night, sunglasses are a must. These transparent sunglasses are just too cool to pass up and a simple crossbody bag complements the outfit's minimalistic nature. It's just the right combination of edgy and girly!

I can totally see myself wearing this in the summer! Would you wear this?

Jul 9, 2014

Photo Diary {Puerto Rico}

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of the sunsets! Pinks and oranges and yellows...they were picture perfect!

The view from my hotel room...almost as gorgeous as the view from on the beach!

The boat ride was a bit windy...

We decided to take a boat to Icacos Island to snorkel! We took a catamaran and were on the water for 45 minutes until we got to the island. The weather was absolutely ideal for a day on the water and it was also perfect for tanning and lounging on the boat (or getting sunburned...). Super clear water and white sand...what could be better!? We practiced snorkeling for a bit, had lunch, and then made our way to a spot where there was more marine activity.

This was my first time snorkeling... I super nervous to say the least ( the whole being in the middle of the ocean is a bit intimidating). But...I had a great time! I saw tons of colorful fish, a stingray, and plenty of beautiful coral. After a few authentic Puerto Rican drinks, lunch, a couple dives off the side of the boat, some more tanning and it was time to head back! We hit a nasty storm on the way back...but it added to the experience! This day had to be my favorite out of the whole trip.

Another sunset...I mean could they get any more gorgeous?

Before I left for Puerto Rico, I heard that Old San Juan was somewhere that I had to visit. It's the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and had so much history in it! There were museums to tour castles and magnificent churches that had a very European air about them. The town was so lively with a plentiful mix of natives and tourists. Open air cafes, a plaza with children feeding the pigeons, little shops, and simple yet stunning homes all made me want to move in. I absolutely could not get over home colorful the whole town was! Houses in bright pinks, oranges, turquoise, purple, and every other color of the rainbow lined the street and there was no sight of a dull color. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw a few snapshots of them (@belle__adore).

#noedit....I'm being completely serious
The view from a tiny cafe in the plaza of Old San Juan

This trip was not only relaxing and calm, but I got to go on some new and really fun adventures! I loved spending time with my family and exploring San Juan for the first time! New memories were made, I got my fair share of sun and sand, and I have (almost too) many pictures to remember this trip! Another trip down here will definitely be planned for the future! 

Have you been to Puerto Rico? What was your favorite part?
If you have any questions about San Juan, email me - belleadoreblogs@gmail.com!
xo - jessica

Jul 7, 2014

Polka Dots & Palm Trees

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts and Instagram pictures in the last couple of days. I'm in Puerto Rico and since there's just so much to do I didn't want to be on my phone/computer missing it. But don't worry, I have tons of pictures to share with you soon! The weather here is perfect, lots of sunshine and a constant breeze, so I decided it would be a good opportunity for me to break out my new romper! I recently ordered this polka dot romper from Zara but I was worried about the fit. When I got it, though, I was so pleasantly surprised...it's so comfortable and so cute, too! I wore it with my beloved leather sandals and very minimal jewelry (excuse the bracelet from my resort and my sunburn). Making a reappearance from my last post is my new tote. I have been taking it to the beach, but also around town with me because it holds everything (including my camera) I need. These Ray Ban aviators are a new addition to my collection and I have to say, there quickly became my favorite pair of sunglasses...ever. I have been wearing them during the whole trip and I don't plan on taking them off anytime soon. Can someone say obsessed? 

I hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekends!
xo Jessica

Jul 2, 2014

Whats In My Beach Bag?

 I'm leaving for Puerto Rico really early Thursday morning (unfortunately 3am!!!) so the packing has begun! Not only do I have a few outfits already planned out for future posts, I already packed my "beach" bag! Besides exploring Old San Juan, trying out new foods, and spending time with family, I'll be at the beach (tanning...hopefully) and the pool, of course. I decided to do a post on my beach bag necessities since most people are either on vacation now, or leaving for one soon!

I got this straw bag for my birthday a few days ago it totally got me in a beachy state! I'm planning on not only bringing it to the beach/pool but featuring it in a few outfit posts as well. My #1 beach essential would have to be sunscreen. Neutrogena has been my favorite brand for sunscreen as of recently because it provides the best UV protection (especially if you tend to burn), doesn't feel greasy, and smells great. Something else that I keep in my beach bag is a bottle of aloe...you know, just in case. I don't normally wear flip flops but I like to bring them on trips because they're so easy to slip on and off at the pool or on the beach. I love the pair that I have form Vintage Shoe Company because the leather is so durable and forms to the foot! Sunglasses are a must for the beach and I am too excited to use my new Ray-Bans! These were my favorite of my birthday gifts because I just know how much use I'm going to get out of them and they never seem to go out of style! I went for the black aviators for their versatility and because the shape of the frame suited my face, in my opinion. Money is a must, of course, for souvenirs and food! As well as a towel! Also, water is something that I like to  have with me on the beach because the heat and sun exposure just increases the chances of dehydration. Plus, my bkr is too cute not to bring around:) My choice of reading material for the beach are good old fashioned tabloid magazines. I have a few fashion magazines already packed and I'm planning on picking up the current tabloids at the airport! My favorite summer read is coming with me too! Where'd You Go Bernadette is such a fun read...I totally recommend it!  Last but not least, is my iPhone. Just like all other social media obsessed teenagers, my phone is glued to me. I will be taking tons of pictures of outfits, buildings, and scenery so look out for them on Instagram (@belle__adore)! Also, I'll be downloading new music to listen to while on the beach! If you have any recommendations, let me know! This is whats in my beach bag...what's in yours?!

I want to take a moment to talk about my phone case! I was approached by a company called Kidogo Kidogo asking if I would feature their case on my blog! After researching the company, I found out all about the background of the company and the mission behind it and of course, I agreed! Kidogo Kidogo is a phone case and t-shirt company that helps women in Tanzania and aims to break the financial barrier that prevents women from advancing in our world. I call it a "get one, give one" company. You buy a phone case and they give easy to use phones, a SIM card, and phone credit to women in Tanzania. This not only allows women to communicate, it is a means of education, assists them in business matters, and also breaks their barrier of ownership. Kidogo Kidogo, which means "little by little" has made it their mission to help women succeed and advance in a way that can completely change their lives. "Little by little" they are making the world a more connected and progressive place. I was honored to be able to help their cause! Plus the phone cases are so cute! Unlike most cases, this one is not bulky at all but I still feel that my phone is protected. You can help the people of Tanzania and 'fashionably' make a difference by purchasing a case on their website!

If your company, product, or blog would like to be featured on here...email me at belleadoreblogs@gmail.com

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