Jul 9, 2014

Photo Diary {Puerto Rico}

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of the sunsets! Pinks and oranges and yellows...they were picture perfect!

The view from my hotel room...almost as gorgeous as the view from on the beach!

The boat ride was a bit windy...

We decided to take a boat to Icacos Island to snorkel! We took a catamaran and were on the water for 45 minutes until we got to the island. The weather was absolutely ideal for a day on the water and it was also perfect for tanning and lounging on the boat (or getting sunburned...). Super clear water and white sand...what could be better!? We practiced snorkeling for a bit, had lunch, and then made our way to a spot where there was more marine activity.

This was my first time snorkeling... I super nervous to say the least ( the whole being in the middle of the ocean is a bit intimidating). But...I had a great time! I saw tons of colorful fish, a stingray, and plenty of beautiful coral. After a few authentic Puerto Rican drinks, lunch, a couple dives off the side of the boat, some more tanning and it was time to head back! We hit a nasty storm on the way back...but it added to the experience! This day had to be my favorite out of the whole trip.

Another sunset...I mean could they get any more gorgeous?

Before I left for Puerto Rico, I heard that Old San Juan was somewhere that I had to visit. It's the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and had so much history in it! There were museums to tour castles and magnificent churches that had a very European air about them. The town was so lively with a plentiful mix of natives and tourists. Open air cafes, a plaza with children feeding the pigeons, little shops, and simple yet stunning homes all made me want to move in. I absolutely could not get over home colorful the whole town was! Houses in bright pinks, oranges, turquoise, purple, and every other color of the rainbow lined the street and there was no sight of a dull color. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw a few snapshots of them (@belle__adore).

#noedit....I'm being completely serious
The view from a tiny cafe in the plaza of Old San Juan

This trip was not only relaxing and calm, but I got to go on some new and really fun adventures! I loved spending time with my family and exploring San Juan for the first time! New memories were made, I got my fair share of sun and sand, and I have (almost too) many pictures to remember this trip! Another trip down here will definitely be planned for the future! 

Have you been to Puerto Rico? What was your favorite part?
If you have any questions about San Juan, email me - belleadoreblogs@gmail.com!
xo - jessica


  1. Looks like so much fun! Love the images.


  2. Looks gorgeous and so fun! I was nervous the first time I went snorkeling too, but it was so beautiful once I relaxed.

    xo Carrie


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