Jul 2, 2014

Whats In My Beach Bag?

 I'm leaving for Puerto Rico really early Thursday morning (unfortunately 3am!!!) so the packing has begun! Not only do I have a few outfits already planned out for future posts, I already packed my "beach" bag! Besides exploring Old San Juan, trying out new foods, and spending time with family, I'll be at the beach (tanning...hopefully) and the pool, of course. I decided to do a post on my beach bag necessities since most people are either on vacation now, or leaving for one soon!

I got this straw bag for my birthday a few days ago it totally got me in a beachy state! I'm planning on not only bringing it to the beach/pool but featuring it in a few outfit posts as well. My #1 beach essential would have to be sunscreen. Neutrogena has been my favorite brand for sunscreen as of recently because it provides the best UV protection (especially if you tend to burn), doesn't feel greasy, and smells great. Something else that I keep in my beach bag is a bottle of aloe...you know, just in case. I don't normally wear flip flops but I like to bring them on trips because they're so easy to slip on and off at the pool or on the beach. I love the pair that I have form Vintage Shoe Company because the leather is so durable and forms to the foot! Sunglasses are a must for the beach and I am too excited to use my new Ray-Bans! These were my favorite of my birthday gifts because I just know how much use I'm going to get out of them and they never seem to go out of style! I went for the black aviators for their versatility and because the shape of the frame suited my face, in my opinion. Money is a must, of course, for souvenirs and food! As well as a towel! Also, water is something that I like to  have with me on the beach because the heat and sun exposure just increases the chances of dehydration. Plus, my bkr is too cute not to bring around:) My choice of reading material for the beach are good old fashioned tabloid magazines. I have a few fashion magazines already packed and I'm planning on picking up the current tabloids at the airport! My favorite summer read is coming with me too! Where'd You Go Bernadette is such a fun read...I totally recommend it!  Last but not least, is my iPhone. Just like all other social media obsessed teenagers, my phone is glued to me. I will be taking tons of pictures of outfits, buildings, and scenery so look out for them on Instagram (@belle__adore)! Also, I'll be downloading new music to listen to while on the beach! If you have any recommendations, let me know! This is whats in my beach bag...what's in yours?!

I want to take a moment to talk about my phone case! I was approached by a company called Kidogo Kidogo asking if I would feature their case on my blog! After researching the company, I found out all about the background of the company and the mission behind it and of course, I agreed! Kidogo Kidogo is a phone case and t-shirt company that helps women in Tanzania and aims to break the financial barrier that prevents women from advancing in our world. I call it a "get one, give one" company. You buy a phone case and they give easy to use phones, a SIM card, and phone credit to women in Tanzania. This not only allows women to communicate, it is a means of education, assists them in business matters, and also breaks their barrier of ownership. Kidogo Kidogo, which means "little by little" has made it their mission to help women succeed and advance in a way that can completely change their lives. "Little by little" they are making the world a more connected and progressive place. I was honored to be able to help their cause! Plus the phone cases are so cute! Unlike most cases, this one is not bulky at all but I still feel that my phone is protected. You can help the people of Tanzania and 'fashionably' make a difference by purchasing a case on their website!

If your company, product, or blog would like to be featured on here...email me at belleadoreblogs@gmail.com


  1. BKRs are my absolute favorite water bottles, I have one in teal and just the other day I ordered another one with a black sleeve with the heart.
    So fun that you are headed off to Puerto Rico, sounds like it will be an amazing trip! I have Where Did You Go Bernadette sitting on my bookshelf to be the next book I read, would love to hear what you think of it when your done. Have a wonderful trip!
    xo Nan ~ Simply Elegant Blog

    1. My bkr literally comes everywhere with me! I'll be ordering another sleeve soon..for sure! Photo diaries and ootds from my trip will definitely be on the blog next week! Thank you for your kind words😊


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