Jul 15, 2014

Working Girl

Today marks the first day of my life as a working girl...#yay! I'll be working at a clothing store at my local mall as your typical cashier/greeter/clothes folder...glamorous I know:) I'm excited, to say the least, to start my first job, earn a paycheck, and start feeling like a real adult! Working in the fashion industry is what I'm planning on doing during/after college so what better way to get my foot in the door than a job at a retail store? Gaining experience in retail/merchandising/ fashion is what I'm most excited about this job and I'm hoping that I have a chance to move up in this company with hard work and dedication (maybe I'll become CEO...haha jk) I already met the managers at the company when I went to interview and they are so cool! They're all really young and seem super invested in the company and take their jobs seriously but really emphasize making the work place fun! I'm a bit nervous about getting to know my co-workers, dealing with unpleasant customers, making new friends and just fitting in with the whole store's environment. Hopefully my first day goes well and I really enjoy it! 

Have any tips for your first day at a new job? I'd love to hear them!
xo jessica

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  1. Good luck! I got my first retail experience last summer at the Gap and I'm working there again this summer! I think the best tip is to be friendly with both the customers and your coworkers! Don't be shy, definitely introduce yourself!

    Best of luck!


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