Aug 29, 2014

Weekend Links // 8.29.14


Hooray it's Friday!! I'm hoping you guys have enjoyed your week and have some fun things planned for the weekend! My first day of senior year starts next week and going back to school is definitely bittersweet! I've been busy with summer assignments, work, and daily tennis practices/matches so I'm excited to spend some time with friends this weekend before it gets busier with school! Anyway, here are some links for you guys!

  1. Need something done for your blog but don't have a big budget? I stumbled upon Fiverr and this week and was amazed with the whole site! Need a new logo, header, or business cards? You can find people who offer those services for just $5!
  2. J.Crew fragrances? Umm yes please! I bet they smell heavenly!
  3. These were Vogue's picks for the best dressed at the Emmy's?  Sarah Hyland's dress was my favorite!
  4. Just discovered this fun brand and I'm obsessed! I love the hand cream and I'm excited to try the body butter and exfoliator!
  5. Zara's fall arrivals are seriously on point! These are favorites! 1, 2, 3, 4
  6. Mackenzie Horan reposted my pictured on Instagram! I had a mini freak out when I saw it!! Find it here!
  7. I've been working hard on my Pinterest boards lately! Are you following me? I need more boards to follow so comment your username below!
Is there anything you want to see on the blog? I love hearing your suggestions so comment below!

Have a fabulous weekend, xo Jessica

Aug 27, 2014

Getting The Most out of Your Desk

I love how simple but girly this space is!


I definitely think that having a personalized work space affects your productivity! For me, unless I'm at my desk in my room, I can't work as well. Since school will be starting soon/has started for many of us I thought this post would be fun and helpful since our desks are where we're going to be spending a majority of our time from now on. Whether you're doing homework, blogging, or working, these tips will help you get the most out of your desk!

1. Keep It Clean - I'm one of those people who hates clutter! I can't stand when my room is messy (it rarely is..) and having too many things on my surfaces really annoys the heck out of me!! I can't even think about starting my work unless my desk is free from any clutter. Taking the time to organize your desk is absolutely worth it...too many things around you can easily get you distracted!

2. Stationary Doesn't Have To Be Boring - This might just be a personal preference, but I think cute stationary can make a difference! Having something pretty to do my AP Statistics work in might make me actually want to do it just a little bit more (maybe..)! I justified buying this notepad by telling myself it would make me more productive since had a motivational zebra on it...#judgeme.

3. Keep Paper Near You - Ever since I've started blogging, I've had grown quite the collection of notebooks. I keep one in my bag, on my desk, nigh stand, car, and probably more places that I can't remember. You never know when a brilliant post idea is going to pop into your head so you want to be prepared! I always keep more than one notepad, some stickynotes, and my planner on my desk at all times!  I've also become quite the list-maker. I usually write a to-do list every night so the next day I can't be super productive! For the school year, I'll write down everything I need to get done for the next day so I keep something to remind myself to stay on task! Also, my planner sits on my desk so I can easily manage my schedule and plan for the future! 

just a few of my many (many..) notepads..
4. Organization is important - This tip kind of goes along with #1! Since it is your desk it should be set up in a way that works best for you! If your desk has shelves/storage/drawers then come up with a system that organizes all the items you use on a regular basis are at arm's length. I like to keep paper and pens out on my desk because those are my most used items. My phone and computer chargers are in the drawer, and notebooks, folders, binders are on the shelf. This is what works best for me and for what I do but its up to you to create an organizational system that caters to your exact needs. 

5. Make It Yours! - It's your desk so how you decorate it and organize it is up to you! I personally like to keep my desk on the minimalistic side only because it's not that big! Whether you want to hang up a print above your desk, keep your pencil cup on the left or right side, add a plant...its all your choice!   You want to create a space that reflects your style, is comfortable (and stylish) , but also will make you want to work!

I hope these tips helped! What are your suggestions of desk organization/productivity?

Aug 25, 2014

Dressing up with Dress Up

 I would say I'm totally a dress type of girl. If I had the choice, I would absolutely pick a dress or skirt over a pair of shorts or pants. Not only are they comfortable, cute, and flattering...dresses instantly give you a more put together look without trying that hard.!

I took full advantage of the nice sunny weather the other day because I know those days aren't going to be around that much longer. For church, lunch, than a bit of shopping I opted for this creamy colored dress. It's light, airy, and super girly...everything I love in a dress! The detailing in the front added a perfect balance between the simple bottom half and I loved how it continued in the back. My shimmery sandals and gold clutch were the perfect accessories to finish the look!

This dress is from a cute little site called Dress Up! The brand is based out of Georgia but is growing fast! Dress Up gets about 80 new arrivals of on trend clothing each week. They carry only 2-3 sizes of each piece, never reorder, and are constantly looking for new pieces. This way, customers will be on top of all the lastest styles and trends. A huge thank you goes out to Dress Up for working with me on this fun post!

Visit Dress Up's website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Are you a dress kind of girl? Have you shopped at Dress Up before?
Have a fabulous week:)!

Aug 22, 2014


I don't know about you but I love a good striped shirt...if you look in my closet the majority of my tops are probably striped (am I the only one?). A striped shirt is definitely one of my year round staples because their simplicity allows them to be dressed up or down either as a t-shirt, sweater, long sleeved shirt, name it. With summer sadly coming to an end, I figured the best way to transition my wardrobe to cooler weather, while still taking advantage of the warm days,  would be to compromise and wear pieces that work for both (hence the stripes)! 

To me, gray denim seemed like the perfect middle ground between the white pair of jeans you've been wearing all summer and those dark wash skinnies you're going to be wearing come fall. These Zara jeans are so light and after wearing them once they seemed to stretch out to have the perfect fit. I've also been living in this shirt recently. What's easier than a black and white t-shirt? I can't really think of anything. If you follow my Instagram you probably saw that I wore it to a concert recently! For those cooler summer nights, a light sweater is always a good thing to have with you. This flowy cardigan has gotten so much use since I first got it becauseIt's so soft, light, and comfortable! 

I know this necklace isn't something you would picture my wearing but I actually really love it! I has a certain edge to it, but at the same time it is simple and sort of understated! I wanted to contrast the hardness of the necklace with something a bit more feminine so I went for my pinkish/nude ballet flats. A simple clutch (which I found on super sale at Madewell recently) was perfect since I wore this look for a walk in town and a quick coffee date!

The striped shirt, sweater, and necklace are all from new 'Wanderlust' collection from the brand PopBasics! The idea behind the brand is to create a mini collection, in this case, a shirt, sweater, and jewelry, that is only available for a limited time! The mini collections are a mix of classic, basic pieces with some trendy pieces thrown in! Each mini collection contains three different pieces and they're all so unique! My advice to you would be, if you like then get it because the collections sell out and won't be able to purchase it later on!

I had so much fin styling these pieces and I want to give a huge thank you to PopBasic! You can visit their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

What are your favorite pieces that transition from summer to fall?

Aug 20, 2014

Hair Care

I was recently asked to do a blog post on what I do to maintain and style my hair so this post is all about my tips and tricks to healthy hair!

Washing: I am currently using Nexxus shampoo and conditioner and I'm really happy with the results! It leaves my hair soft and smelling good. Over-washing your hair can really do some damage to it so I'll sometimes skip a wash if its not that dirty or I blow dryed my hair the day before. A little dry shampoo does the trick of hiding the oil and adding a bit of volume! (I'll link some products down below!) I reccomend switching up your shampoo every month or so!

Treatment: I've been loving the "It's a 10" Miracle leave in product to use in my hair after I wash it! It fully conditions, acts as a heat protector, and prevents spilt ends! Next time you're at Ulta think about picking this up:) I love testing out new hair care products so I'll link others down below!

Heat: I very scarcely use heat on my hair. Since I usually shower at night, my hair is dry in the morning and I just go about with styling it. If I do happen to blow dry my hair I make sure to separate my hair, use heat protector all over, and spritz a little bit of root lifting spray to add volume. I love the look that a rounded brush gives when you're blow drying! If I'm feeling fancy I'll do a loose curl look.  I use a Hot Tools curler to curl my hair and then comb through the curls to give it a beachy look. My Chi straightener has been my favorite tool for getting a sleek, straight look. Once again, I separate the hair and use heat protector all over.

Styling: My go-to hair style is definitely a ponytail or a braid ( Am I the only one still obssesed with those elastic hair ties?). I do a loose ponytail or a french braid if I want something simple. Sometimes I'll do an inside out braid or a braid in the front and then tied back into the ponytail. My hair dries naturally straight so if it's not too hot I'll definitely leave it down! These looks are the easiest for the daily basis but once in a while I'll curl or straighten it!

Cutting: I don't get my hair cut as often as I should. My hair grows super fast so I let it get pretty long so when I do cut it, you can actuall tell the difference. (I cut off like 7 inches a few months ago and its already almost all grown back!) However, getting a trim ever few weeks or once a month will allow your hair to be its healthiest so that it can grow faster!

I hop you liked this post! What are your favorite hair products? What's your go-to hair style?

Aug 19, 2014

Houston, Texas

 I had the almond croissont!

 it was so hard to choose a flavor..they all looked so good!
 The vibe in here was so cool...and i loved the tall windows and industrial look.

 The restaurant is located right next to a nursery so there was greenery/flowers/trees everywhere!

 a simple dress for some shopping!
If you've been following my Instagram, you might have seen some of my travels!

Hey guys! 

So in one of my previous posts I talked about how I was going to Houston and I wanted to share some of my favorite places with you! So before I left, I got some recommendations on restaurants and shopping areas, and even though I couldn't go to all of them, I really enjoyed my whole trip! Despite the heat, I loved the city and I found Houston to be  very clean, modern, and interesting...and a much needed change of scenery from where I live

For a quick breakfast and a coffee, I absolutely loved Common Bond! The atmosphere was really welcoming and the interior was so cool...think modern, industrial, and simple! I ended up getting an almond croissant and a cappuccino on our first day - both very, very delicious! We went back a second time (there was a line out the door!) and I tried the iced coffee and a macaron (raspberry pistachio)- again, both extremely tasty:) If you live in the area then definitely try Common Bond for a quick coffee of breakfast/brunch! I will most definitely be coming back here when I visit my brother.

For lunch, I tried Tiny Boxwoods! Even though we used a GPS to get there, it was so hard to find! It's located right next to a nursery but it was kind of in an alley. When did find it, though, I couldn't help but take a million pictures because there were trees and flowers everywhere and the building was practically covered in greenery. The outside was so cute and there was a ton of outdoor seating (we sat outside even though it was like 100 degrees outside)! My salad was delicious and the mint lemonade was so refreshing! The interior of the restaurant was very parisian chic... a lot of white and black with rustic decor but an overall polished look!

My trip to Houston was just to bring my brother to college but since he was meeting us from his internship, we had some time before he arrived! At the very last minute, we decided to take the 3-hour drive to San Antonio to explore the city and see the city. The town was so cute, it reminded me of Mexico and the town where some of my family lives in! We explored the Alamo (it wasn't really what I expected..), took the river tour, and had dinner. Even though I didn't want to go out first, I had so much fun exploring San Antonio!

The rest of my trip included a shopping trip and then a whole day of moving my brother into his room! 

Have you been to Houston? What's your favorite place there?

Aug 16, 2014

Try Onli

I heard about the brand Onli after seeing tons of pictures of the drinks from the Smart Girls Conference. After that, I saw the brand popping up everywhere and I was dying to try them out! I was a little disappointed to hear that they aren't sold in Pennsylvania yet (hopefully soon though!) but I still got the chance to try them out!

Onli is based out of Palm Beach Florida that makes chef inspired sparkling beverages! Starting in 2011, Onli has grew their brand and is now sold in places such as (select) Whole Foods, Kroger, and local retailers! They come in 7 different sophisticated flavors plus they're gluten free as well as Kosher! So if you're thinking of having a dinner party, brunch, or a get together, try Onli drinks (a great alternative to soda)!

I had a little tasting party and after trying them all I was able to pick out my favorites! My favorite was definitely a tie between 'Hibiscus Pomegranate Aronia' and 'Huckleberry Blueberry'...if you're a fruity kind of person then these are for you! My second favorite was Lemon Watermelom...mmmm:)! All of the flavors were unique, but delicious, and not ones that you've seen in stores already so it was really cool to try them all out!

If you're interested in trying out Onli drinks then check out this map to see if they're sold near you! Visit their website for more information!

I had so much fun with the post and I want to thank Onli for the opportunity to try out their products!

Have you tried Onli? What do you think? Let me know!

Aug 14, 2014

What's In My Carry-On

What's In My Carrypn

sweater/tote/lotion/lip balm/ face wipes/iphone case/ iPad case/ earbuds/ coin purse

If you're reading this  I'm probably either waiting for my flight at the airport or already up in the clouds:) I'm heading down to Texas to meet up with my brother before he starts school down there! I've been to Houston before but never for a long period of time so I'm excited to explore the city (Thanks Gracey for all the recommendations!)!  One thing I'm not too thrilled about is the 100+ temps....

Anyway, packing a carry on bag with all the necessary items I need is something I always do first...just so I'm prepared and in case I remember anything at the last minute I can always throw it in at the last minute! A large tote is always the way to go for a carry-on holds everything and it's stylish at the same time! Of course, I have my phone in my bag as well as my iPad...I use both at the airport so I can catch up on blogs, read emails, and post Instagram pictures while I'm waiting for my flight! Headphones are crucial on a flight for drowning out the crying babies   so you can listen to your favorite playlists! (Am I the only one loving everything at right now?) I also usually buy a few of the most recent fashion magazines at one of the stands at the airport for reading on the flight! I don't know about you but I absolutely hate how cold it gets on the plane so a light sweater is always in my carry on to keep me comfortable! A few beauty products are always in my bag as well. Maybe its just me but I feel my face, skin, and lips getting so dry during my flight! My favorite lip balm is always with me, as well as a bottle of hand lotion and some cleansing wipes to clean off any oil on your face (the Nuetrogena grapefruit ones are my favorite!). Keep checking my Instagram for more pics of my trip to Houston!

What are your 'must have' carry on items?

P.s. - don't forget to enter my giveaway from in my previous post!

Aug 11, 2014

Heirloom Finds Giveaway

A fun fit and flare dress is always my go-to outfit for an event in the summertime! Pair it with a cute pair of wedges and you're set...whether it be for a brunch, dinner, party, or even a wedding! I love this Zara dress because I know that I'm going to get such great use out of it...stripes will never go out of style (especially navy and white)! I'm wearing my Mia wedges and using a Kate Spade clutch. I always finish off a look with some jewelry and today I'm styling a few pieces from Heirloom Finds! These statement earring have been such a great addition to my wardrobe already! The navy in the earrings and the navy in dress made this look work but also created a fun contrast between the stripes and the different colors in the earrings. I've also worn them a few other times and love how they look with a pair of jeans and a button down! I played with the gold detail in the earrings and finished the look with an initial necklace and an amazing ring (also something I've been wearing nonstop!) I'm in love with all my new pieces and I can't wait to style them with other outfits!

Heirloom Finds and I teamed up to give you guys a chance to bring your wardrobe to life with some fun accessories! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to win a gift card to their website! Their website offers a variety of affordale pieces for all styles! Check out their website here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Aug 7, 2014


When the Pinterest craze first started I wasn't a huge believer in it but reluctantly created a page hoping I would understand it and eventually enjoy. When I first made the account I created a few different boards but I didn't find anything interesting about it (I was more of a Tumblr kind of person)!  I realized that looking at countless DIY projects and telling myself "this is so cute...I'm totally going to do this!" (which I obviously never did..) was a bit of a waste of my time and maybe Pinterest just wasn't for me! My account went untouched for probably about a year (maybe more?) until I recently decided to give it another try! With a more developed personal aesthetic, I now knew what my focus was and what I was looking for. I found pinners and boards who's styles I am really drawn too and that are fairly similar to mine. I have been taking some time to completly renovate my profile and I think I've curated a selection of pins that are all complete visual representations of myself. So now, Pinterest has become a creative outlet where I can display aesthetically attractive photos that really act as inspiration to my style and blog all in one place. From cool fonts to the newest trends is fashion and beauty to really fun graphics...I think I've made a board for almost all of my interests. I'm defnitely going to be taking more advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer me in terms of ideas, inspiration, recipes, and more in the future! 

Do you still use Pinterest? What's your favorite part about it?

Follow my Pinterest and see what I've been up to!

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Aug 5, 2014

Pattern Party


Today's post is part of the linkup hosted by Scarlett from The Trendy Chick! The idea was to post an outfit that had a pattern on it! If you participated, leave a link to your post below!

This top from Anthropologie has been one of my favorites for summer! It has a combination of my favorite colors, a cute print, and fun detailing on the back. Thank you Anthropologie for making the perfect printed top! At first I had trouble finding a pair of pants  to wear it with because of the fact that the top is 'high-low' but after several attempts, I found that simple white chinos were the way to go! I love this because it's casual, easy, and super fun! A simple pair of sandals and my go-to Kate Spade bag finished the look!

Did you join the Patter Party Linkup? Leave a link to your post down below!

P.s - I'm so close to 1K followers on Instagram so it would mean so much if you checked out my feed and followed:)!

Aug 4, 2014


I was nominated for the Liebster Award yesterday by the lovely Carrie from Carrie On Blogs! This award is something that bloggers give to other bloggers, exists only on the Internet, and is passed around through nominations. Basically, its a way to welcome new bloggers and to shed some light on up and coming blogs! The rules are as followed: share 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 question from the person who nominated you, and nominate 3 other bloggers!

11 Facts:
1. I'm 17 years old
2. Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam was the blogger that inspired me to start this blog!
3. I'm Hispanic and I have family that live in Mexico
4. I play tennis
5. My favorite TV show right now is a tie between Downton Abbey and Scandal
6. I drink Orange Juice like crazy
7. My favorite place to shop is Zara
8. I have an older brother and younger sister
9. I'm a part of DECA (were you a part of it too at your school?)
10. If I could live anywhere I would move to California ('ll see me in the future)
11. Paris is my ultimate travel destination

11 Questions
1.What is the best decision you ever made
- I would have to say breaking off negative friendships and realizing you my true friends are is one of my recent best decisions (cliche I know..)
2. What is your favorite quote
-This is a tough one... I love the quote that goes "They told me that to make her fall in love I had to make her laugh, but every time she laughed, I'm the one that fell in love.
3. Favorite Sport?
- Tennis
4. What do you do to relax?
- I'll either watch netflix, drink some tea, read a book, or catch up on blogs/magazines
5. What is your absolute favorite movie?
- I don't really have one! Maybe the Harry Potter movies?
6. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
- I check Instagram/Twitter/new blog posts!
7. What is your favorite season?
8. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
- Tacos...definitely tacos
9. What is your favorite fashion accessory?
- A cute bag!
10. What is your favorite thing to write about!
- Fashion and Beauty:)
11. How old is your blog?
- Almost 1 year!

Claire -
Katelyn -
Renee -

The Questions for the Nominees
1. What inspired you to start a blog?
2. Favorite blog?
3. What is your go-to outfit?
4. What is your favorite store?
5. What is your favorite thing to do with friends?
6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
7. What is your favorite TV show (currently)?
8. Favorite type of candy?
9. What is the most used item in your closet?
10. What's your typical order at Starbucks?:)
11. Favorite quote?
Even if you weren't tagged..I nominate YOU to share some facts and answer some questions about yourself! If you do...comment the link to the post so we can check it out

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