Aug 27, 2014

Getting The Most out of Your Desk

I love how simple but girly this space is!


I definitely think that having a personalized work space affects your productivity! For me, unless I'm at my desk in my room, I can't work as well. Since school will be starting soon/has started for many of us I thought this post would be fun and helpful since our desks are where we're going to be spending a majority of our time from now on. Whether you're doing homework, blogging, or working, these tips will help you get the most out of your desk!

1. Keep It Clean - I'm one of those people who hates clutter! I can't stand when my room is messy (it rarely is..) and having too many things on my surfaces really annoys the heck out of me!! I can't even think about starting my work unless my desk is free from any clutter. Taking the time to organize your desk is absolutely worth it...too many things around you can easily get you distracted!

2. Stationary Doesn't Have To Be Boring - This might just be a personal preference, but I think cute stationary can make a difference! Having something pretty to do my AP Statistics work in might make me actually want to do it just a little bit more (maybe..)! I justified buying this notepad by telling myself it would make me more productive since had a motivational zebra on it...#judgeme.

3. Keep Paper Near You - Ever since I've started blogging, I've had grown quite the collection of notebooks. I keep one in my bag, on my desk, nigh stand, car, and probably more places that I can't remember. You never know when a brilliant post idea is going to pop into your head so you want to be prepared! I always keep more than one notepad, some stickynotes, and my planner on my desk at all times!  I've also become quite the list-maker. I usually write a to-do list every night so the next day I can't be super productive! For the school year, I'll write down everything I need to get done for the next day so I keep something to remind myself to stay on task! Also, my planner sits on my desk so I can easily manage my schedule and plan for the future! 

just a few of my many (many..) notepads..
4. Organization is important - This tip kind of goes along with #1! Since it is your desk it should be set up in a way that works best for you! If your desk has shelves/storage/drawers then come up with a system that organizes all the items you use on a regular basis are at arm's length. I like to keep paper and pens out on my desk because those are my most used items. My phone and computer chargers are in the drawer, and notebooks, folders, binders are on the shelf. This is what works best for me and for what I do but its up to you to create an organizational system that caters to your exact needs. 

5. Make It Yours! - It's your desk so how you decorate it and organize it is up to you! I personally like to keep my desk on the minimalistic side only because it's not that big! Whether you want to hang up a print above your desk, keep your pencil cup on the left or right side, add a plant...its all your choice!   You want to create a space that reflects your style, is comfortable (and stylish) , but also will make you want to work!

I hope these tips helped! What are your suggestions of desk organization/productivity?

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  1. #dreamoffice for sure! Love how simple that first image is. I HAVE to decorate my desk in order to be productive. It gives me a sense of calmness which helps clear my head. Thanks for sharing your tips, Jessica.

    Gena F | Vantaggio HR


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