Aug 20, 2014

Hair Care

I was recently asked to do a blog post on what I do to maintain and style my hair so this post is all about my tips and tricks to healthy hair!

Washing: I am currently using Nexxus shampoo and conditioner and I'm really happy with the results! It leaves my hair soft and smelling good. Over-washing your hair can really do some damage to it so I'll sometimes skip a wash if its not that dirty or I blow dryed my hair the day before. A little dry shampoo does the trick of hiding the oil and adding a bit of volume! (I'll link some products down below!) I reccomend switching up your shampoo every month or so!

Treatment: I've been loving the "It's a 10" Miracle leave in product to use in my hair after I wash it! It fully conditions, acts as a heat protector, and prevents spilt ends! Next time you're at Ulta think about picking this up:) I love testing out new hair care products so I'll link others down below!

Heat: I very scarcely use heat on my hair. Since I usually shower at night, my hair is dry in the morning and I just go about with styling it. If I do happen to blow dry my hair I make sure to separate my hair, use heat protector all over, and spritz a little bit of root lifting spray to add volume. I love the look that a rounded brush gives when you're blow drying! If I'm feeling fancy I'll do a loose curl look.  I use a Hot Tools curler to curl my hair and then comb through the curls to give it a beachy look. My Chi straightener has been my favorite tool for getting a sleek, straight look. Once again, I separate the hair and use heat protector all over.

Styling: My go-to hair style is definitely a ponytail or a braid ( Am I the only one still obssesed with those elastic hair ties?). I do a loose ponytail or a french braid if I want something simple. Sometimes I'll do an inside out braid or a braid in the front and then tied back into the ponytail. My hair dries naturally straight so if it's not too hot I'll definitely leave it down! These looks are the easiest for the daily basis but once in a while I'll curl or straighten it!

Cutting: I don't get my hair cut as often as I should. My hair grows super fast so I let it get pretty long so when I do cut it, you can actuall tell the difference. (I cut off like 7 inches a few months ago and its already almost all grown back!) However, getting a trim ever few weeks or once a month will allow your hair to be its healthiest so that it can grow faster!

I hop you liked this post! What are your favorite hair products? What's your go-to hair style?

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