Aug 7, 2014


When the Pinterest craze first started I wasn't a huge believer in it but reluctantly created a page hoping I would understand it and eventually enjoy. When I first made the account I created a few different boards but I didn't find anything interesting about it (I was more of a Tumblr kind of person)!  I realized that looking at countless DIY projects and telling myself "this is so cute...I'm totally going to do this!" (which I obviously never did..) was a bit of a waste of my time and maybe Pinterest just wasn't for me! My account went untouched for probably about a year (maybe more?) until I recently decided to give it another try! With a more developed personal aesthetic, I now knew what my focus was and what I was looking for. I found pinners and boards who's styles I am really drawn too and that are fairly similar to mine. I have been taking some time to completly renovate my profile and I think I've curated a selection of pins that are all complete visual representations of myself. So now, Pinterest has become a creative outlet where I can display aesthetically attractive photos that really act as inspiration to my style and blog all in one place. From cool fonts to the newest trends is fashion and beauty to really fun graphics...I think I've made a board for almost all of my interests. I'm defnitely going to be taking more advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer me in terms of ideas, inspiration, recipes, and more in the future! 

Do you still use Pinterest? What's your favorite part about it?

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