Sep 1, 2014


First of all, happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you spent your weekend relaxing and celebrating with friends and family!

Sooo, I have a few things to update you guys on!

If you haven't already noticed, Belle Adore got a facelift! I felt that the design of my blog was definitely lacking and the header was, put simply, kind of boring (It's can agree)! I started talking to Anna after reading her blog and then getting involved with Undeniable and she shared that she  had been dabbling in blog design! I contacted her immediately and we got to work! I definitely had a vision for what I wanted my new header, color scheme, etc. to be, so she told me to make an inspiration board on Pinterest to work from! You can see my board here! Anna definitely listened to what I said I wanted (I was a bit picky...sorry Anna!) and made any adjustments I had! I absolutely love what Anna came up with and think it totally embodies the style of my blog and my own personal aesthetic! The font is so me, I love the little washi tape detail underneath, and the stripes are just so fun! It's classic, feminine, and chic, don't you think?!

I'm been wanting to update my blog for a while now and I'm just so excited with how it turned out! I would love to hear what you think of it! Also, if you have a blog and are looking for someone to design a blog template, header, signature, or 'about me' graphics, definitely contact Anna because she was so fun and easy to work with!

On a different note, this week's post scheduling is going to be a little different. A few bloggers decided that it would be a good idea to go 'unplugged' for a bit...from blogging, instagramming, tweeting..basically anything and everything social media related!

(thanks Chloe for the cute graphic!)

From a readers point of view, blogging probably seems so easy and hard can posting some pictures and writing a few paragraphs be? Well, from a blogger's standpoint, its time consuming and sometimes a bit stressful! From taking the pictures for the posts, to writing the posts, to editing and scheduling them, to replying to emails and keeping up with all the other social media platforms on top of our own personal, work, and school schedules, everything can get overwhelming!  So, the purpose of this week is to take a short break from blogging to get re-inspired and re-organized and come back with a fresh perspective. This doesn't necessarily mean going completely absent from the world, but, I'll be posting when I want to, as opposed to when I have to! Even though I absolutely love blogging, a short hiatus would be extremely helpful and take away some of the added pressure it brings, especially since this is my first week back at school! (This is only for a week so be sure to check back in next week when I will be going back to my normal post schedule!)

If you have a blog, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media site that you update regularly, I strongly encourage you to take a step back, give yourself a break to focus on something else, and go back with a fresh perspective! Feel free to use this graphic on your blog or anywhere else and share the idea of going 'unplugged' with anyone you think needs a much deserved break! If you decided to take a part in this, comment your blog url down below!

Read what these blogger's have to say about going 'unplugged' - Caroline, Frannie, Gracey, ChloeSammy, Anna, and Kate !

P.S. I really would love to hear what everyone thinks of the new blog design:)!


  1. Love the new design! The concept of unplugging is really great-nice post :)


  2. Thank you! And I love the concept as well! I think it's a good idea for bloggers to take a break from all the social media in their lives once in a while!


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