Nov 28, 2014

Gift Guide: under $25

I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving yesterday...hopefully you're all not still stuffed:) Now that Thanksgiving has come and passed, there's no excuse not to have Christmas on our minds!

I've put together another gift guide for you! This time, everything pictured is under $25! Personally, I think these picks are perfect for stocking stuffers! Shop the links below and get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

P.S. One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is giving gifts to the people I love:) While it is definitely nice to recieve presents around this time, giving back is just as satisfying. If you remeber this post, I talked about the brand behind my phone case.  The company has the aim of lifting the financial barrier preventing women in Tanzania from having access to life changing mobile-technologyWith every purchase of this phone case, Kidogo Kidogo buys a phone (or phone credits) to give to a woman who could not otherwise afford it. The phones are then distributed to women through established non-profit partners already working in Tanzania. The cases range from $25-28 and you make donations as well. 

Nov 19, 2014

Gift Guide: For the Beauty Guru

'Tis the season of holiday gift guides everyone! I thought I would make your Christmas shopping a bit easier by putting together some of my favorite picks in a few different categories! First up is a beauty gift guide because if you're like me, you could spend hours watching your favorite makeup you tubers (#noshame). Makeup and beauty products are perfect for your bestie, sister, or mother so simple but yet so thoughtful! These picks are some of my favorite products of the season and I know I'll be picking some of these up for my friends and family (and myself). 

$25 and under:

$75 and under:

$150 and under

Stay tuned for more holiday gift guides! If you want to see something more specific then let me know in the comments below!

Nov 17, 2014

Behind the Blog {Patricia Maristch}

Meet Patricia!

She's a blogger...

..and the founder of her own company!

After finding out that I was a local blogger, Patricia emailed me and we started chatting! I had never encountered anyone in my area who knew about my blog, let alone reached out to me about it, so I was extremely excited when I first got Patricia's email! I was even more excited when I got to meet her! Since she's a local, business-saavy fashionista she actually came to speak to my fashion merchandising class about how she got to where she is now! She actually brought up the example of my blog without knowing I was in the class:) After that, we introduced ourselves and laughed at just how small the world really is!

Patricia is the founder of Piqued PR, a public relations firm that caters towards lifestyle brands and boutique businesses. After graduating college, she got to work, putting her experience in retail to use, building her brand into what is now a highly recognized PR firm in the Main Line are and beyond. I truly appreciate the fact that Patricia's personal style is present throughout both her blog and website and is also reflected in the brands she represents. Not to mention she's so young is already building a legacy! I got the oppurtunity to ask her a few question about her daily life, style, and what it's life running her own company (It's definitely a dream job!)

For those of you who are local readers or know of Piqued PR, I would love to hear your comments so feel free to leave them down below!

  • What prompted you to start your own company?
    • I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I just didn't necessarily realize it would happen while I was so young. I started Piqued PR after freelancing with various clients on the side while working at an agency full time. Gradually I transitioned from freelancing into starting Piqued PR.
  • What's it like being your own boss?
    • Being my own boss is very surreal. It's so satisfying but also a lot of stress, as you're the one solely responsible if anything goes array. 
  • Tell us about the idea behind the name of your brand!
    • I like P words so I picked up a thesaurus and started looking for words. I'm piquing editors and consumer interest daily so it made the perfect fit!
  • Do you have a favorite part of your job?
    • My favorite part of owning Piqued PR is working with some of my favorite businesses daily, helping them grow and letting other people discovery their amazing offerings.
  • Your daily schedule looks a little something like...
    • Oh boy, my schedule changes constantly! I usually start the day with a cup of tea looking over social media and blogs from the night before. I then move onto answering emails, writing my to do list, scheduling out my day and delegating to my graphic designer Kelsey and group of interns. I then move onto writing press releases and pitching. Somewhere in between all that I'm planning social media posts, hoping on a conference call, writing blog content and ducking out for meetings. It's a little bit of everything and never truly ends even during evenings or weekends...
  • What is you go-to outfit?
    • I love a sharp patterned blazer paired with James Jeans skinnies, a silk blouse by Trina Turk or Joie and a pair of Kate Spade heels. It's casual but still appropriate for meetings.
  • Do you have any favorite places to shop?
    •  Locally I love Posh Collections in Malvern and Blink in West Chester. I also frequent Bloomingdales, Jcrew and Tuckernuck's website. 
  • What is one item that you never leave the house without?
    • My iPhone! It's attached to my hip and my Kate Spade agenda book circa 2008.
  • Favorite social media platform...and why?
    • used to be Twitter because it's so easy to engage but now it's shifting to Instagram as I seem to be using that more. Although I'm guessing next it will be Keep, I'm becoming addicted thanks to Hattan Home!  
  • Do you have any advice for others wanting to start their own business?
    • Go for it! My motto, is you can do whatever you want in life, you just have to be willing to put in the work. I think so many people want instant gratification, to be an instant millionaire or have a instant following of 10k fans, it doesn't work like that though. It's not as challenging as you may think to start a business... but making it a successful one takes lots of commitment, late nights and hustling.

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