Dec 31, 2015


With the new year approaching, I though I would take the time to thank those of you who have been reading my blog for the past year (and especially those who have been reading from the beginning!). 2015 was a crazy, fun, exciting year for me and consisted of graduating high school, starting college in a new state, finding new friends and getting even closer to the ones I had, starting a job that I love, and so much more! Hopefully 2016 will be just as fun-filled and exciting! I decided to host a giveaway to thank all of you who have allowed blogging to be just a big part of my life and have continuously read my posts and followed along! I want to hear your favorite part of 2015 so comment down below!

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Dec 28, 2015

Nordstrom Half Year Sale Picks

Hello and happy Monday everyone! It's time again for Nordstrom's half yearly sale..and let me tell you, it's a good one! I've rounded up the best of the accessories, clothing, and shoes for you! Just scroll through he widgets below to check them out! If you end up getting anything let me know:) Happy shopping!


I'm in love with this necklace and this bag!


This dress would be perfect for a NYE party! If you're thinking ahead to summer then this would be the perfect everyday tank!


I live in these flats and already have two pairs! Also, dying over these pink slippers!

Dec 22, 2015

Christmas in the City

My best friends from high school all go to different colleges so when we're on break we try to make the most of our time together! While I love our crazy group chat and funny snapchats...there's nothing better than actually being with them:) Instead of exchanging Christmas present like we've done in the past, we decided to venture out to Philadelphia to spend the day doing all sorts of festive things (It was fun playing tourist in our own city!)
After the quick train ride  we walked around for a bit but then decided that we were all starving! None of us are that familiar with the city but we found Sabrina's Cafe online and decided to go there! Let me tell you, this was some of the best brunch I've ever had...and I've had a lot! The french toast was to die for! Three of us had the french toast and my one friend had the chocolate chip pancakes which she said were amazing too!
We definitely wanted to hit up Love Park while we were there...surprisingly, I've never been! It was so cute because there was a massive tree all lit up and dozens of vendors selling little Christmas gifts...which definitely putting me more in the spirit!

Ice skating was a must! None of us could remember the last we went so it was a very interesting experience at first! I fell quiet a few times and I could definitely feel a few bruises forming (#ouch). My bestie Julia (^^^) made a blog recently to document her next semester, which she's going to be spending in London!

The ice rink was placed right in Center City near City Hall and while the rink itself wasn't too crowded, there were tons of people just watching us as they walked by!
A little post-skating hot chocolate break (well, a latte for me because I'm a coffee addict)! There was a La Colombe right on the corner and it was the perfect place for a warm break.

I mean this is Christmas Card worthy, is it not?

How are you and your friends celebrating Christmas this year?

Dec 19, 2015

Holiday Beauty Look

I am so excited to share this post with you guys! It's a Holiday beauty tutorial featuring my sister Rachel! We had so much fun putting this post together so let us know what you think! We photographed all the products we used and how it should look after each step! (Fair warning - there are a lot of pictures!)
Pre - makeup!

Start off with some primer - apply to the T-zone to prevent shininess!

We used this Maybelline Matte Foundation for a flawless finish!

Dap on face with fingertips...

...then blend it with your Beauty Blender!

A little concealer for your under eyes!

Use your fingers or the beauty blender to blend it in!

For any other dark spots/problem areas - use this Nars Creamy Concealer

To prevent your face from looking shiny - use a pressed translucent powder

 For color...blush of course!
 Some bronzer for a little bit of definition  (this one smells like chocolate!)

 And since this is a Holiday look, it wouldn't be complete without some sparkle! Apply this to your cheekbones for a gorgeous shimmer!

 For the perfect bold brow use this defining pencil!

 This is an eyeshadow base that has a shimmer tint to it so its perfect for everyday use - but we're going to be layering some other shades on top!

 We started with the shade called 'Verve' all over the lid

 Next, the shade YDK in the crease
 'Busted' for the other edges of the eye
 And finally, 'Blackout' right above the lash line for a smudgy liner look
 We are using our favorite Urban Decay Mascara!

Finishing the look with a bold red lip!

 The finished look! Perfect for family get together, holiday party, or casual brunch!
All the products we used! Use the widget below to shop them!

Dec 11, 2015

Changing Style with Madison Reed

As the seasons change, it seems that my style changes with it. In the summertime I find myself wearing lots of bright colors, white, and patterns and I'll wear my sandals whenever I get the chance! While, I may prefer warmer weather, one good thing does come out of the fall and winter months...the fashion of course! Think cozy knits, chunky scarves, and a boot for every outfit! I'm sharing some of my favorite cold weather looks below - let me know which is your favorite!

I think another great way to transition from season to season is by changing up your hair color! I have never dyed my hair, but every once in a while I get the urge to when I see pictures on Instagram or Pinterest.  Madison Reed asked me to share what fall hair means to me! I've been loving the short, loose waves look for this time of the year and the look of subtle light highlights in darker colored hair is so cute!

(this is my favorite look!)

Are you thinking of switching up your hair color for this time of the year? Take Madison Reed's color quiz to see what you should try out! My recommended color was the Torino Brown - 5NA - so fun! Use the hashtag #MRLoveMyHair to share what you got!

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