Jul 8, 2015

A Few Random Thoughts

So today's post is a little all over the place, but just bear with me...I'll  have some outfit pics as soon as I can! Anyway, today I'm just sharing a few things that I found and have been loving!

- I feel like everyday lately has been a crazy hair day and I blame it on the weather (85% humidity?!). I'm trying out a few of these styles to tame my hair in this heat!

- Move in day is in almost 1 month! How crazy is that?! I'm starting to get my dorm stuff together and have been using this list to make sure I don't forget anything! (more college posts coming soon)

- Do any of you change your phone/computer backgrounds too often..like every week? Because I do... I'm loving these ones for July because they're so fun and bright!

- My newest obsession is Mad Men! I started watching it on Netflix and I'm hooked!! Kieran Shipka is such a style icon because 1) She's my age and 2) She has the coolest vintage style

- If you haven't already seen this video please go watch it now! As an avid watcher of beauty videos/vloggers myself, it was so sad reading all the hurtful comments that people say over the Internet. I think this is a video that all of us should see.

- This mask is a godsend! Even though it feels so weird to put it on your face...it leaves it feeling so clean and refreshed! I'll be trying out this one soon too!

- I recently joined snapchat! follow me @belleadore for some inside snaps into my life!

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