Aug 4, 2015

Back to School Checklist

Hi everyone! So today's post is one that I'm super excited about because 1) I've always loved back to school shopping and 2) this year I'm heading off to college! The checklist I made is tailored a little more towards someone who's going to be living in a dorm but a few of these things can definitely be 'must-haves' for high school girls too! 

I started dorm shopping in the middle of July and I've been slowly but surely being checking off the things I need for move in day! I wanted to get my bedding right because I know that it's one of the few ways to decorate the dorm and after buying a returning my first pick I settled for the cutest navy and white bedding from West Elm. Unfortunately I can't find it on the website but this Pottery Barn one is so cute too!! On that note, decorative pillows are another way to bring color into your room...I mean that 'but first, coffee' pillow basically describes my life. My dad got me this mini Keurig machine and I'm so so so excited to use it, especially when your mug is as cute as this one! I definitely planning on printing the couple of prints and canvases I have hanging in my room now.. but I found this map of Richmond print and almost died! (I'll be attending the University of Richmond for those of you who didn't now!) And of course what would school be without a backpack, school supplies, and the perfect planner? 

When I first started making my college packing list I was so shocked by how much I would actually need to bring! Sometimes the littles things slip your mind!  I'm planning on making another college post so if there's any college girls out there please comment what your must have dorm items are!!


  1. Love this post! I'm headed to college in the fall too, so "What To Bring To College" posts are basically all I'm looking at these days!

  2. Love this! For some reason I feel like I am going to college this year even though I have one more year but have been constantly thinking about what I want in my dorm. That bedding is perfect.

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