Aug 18, 2015

First Day of Class Outfit

B2S outfit

Tomorrow marks the first day of my college adventure and to say I'm nervous would be an understatement! I'm extremely anxious but super excited to see what my time at my university has in store for me! While you're reading this, I'm most likely either packing or having a panic attack (#nobigdeal) and besides getting everything for my dorm, packing my clothes has been surprisingly hard. I'm going 'south' but from experience, Virginia's weather isn't much different than what we get here in Pennsylvania! 

Having worn a uniform for the past 13 years makes the idea of total freedom of dress both exciting and daunting. I actually loved having a uniform because it made mornings easier and took away the stress of having to choose and outfit everyday! But, I don't have that luxury anymore! So here's what I'm thinking of wearing on the first day of class! It's simple, comfortable, and cute!

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