Sep 1, 2015

College Update

Apologies for the silence on the blog for the last week but I'm proud to say that I have officially survived my first week of college!! If you follow my snapchat (@belleadore), you might have seen some snaps from move-in day or around my campus but if not, I'm hoping to start blogging/Instagramming a bit more in the next couple of weeks! The adjustment to college life has been an interesting one and as much as I wanted to, it was hard to find time to sit down and write a blog post! As I'm writing this, I am actually waiting outside the classroom for my class to start! Anyway, I thought I would update you guys on a few things I've realized in the past two weeks I've been here!

1. You're Not the Only One - when I first got here, I was super worried about not being able to make friends - especially since I was the only one from my high school to come here! During orientation I realized that basically everyone was feeling the same way - jittery, nervous, and kind of awkward. All it took was going up to the person in your group and start talking to them! I've made friends from my orientation group that I see everyday and that I know we'll be friends for a while (hopefully, haha)! 

2. Personalize your Room - when you have to deal with living  in a tiny dorm room every night, it only makes sense to make it your own! Hanging up pictures with friends/family, decorating with things from my old room, and just keeping it cozy makes it easier to adjust to the new living situation! 

3.  Try New Things - this one is basically self explanatory - but if there is one time or place where you should take advantage of the opportunities in front of you - its college!

4. Make the Most of any Situation - so there was a bit of a mix-up with my roommate situation and I ended up not being able to room with the girl that I had originally planned on! Even though I see her/talk to her almost every day it was still upsetting when plans fall through. Long story short - even though my roommate situation is not what I wish it might actually be working out for the best!

5. Its a Small World - Of all the colleges that I could have ended up at, I somehow found myself at a school with multiple bloggers! I've actually ran into a few people who follow me on Instagram whaaat?! Also, shoutout to Meredith for being the sweetest girl on campus and making this transition easier!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about my school or the college process feel free to comment below, email me (, or tweet me!

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