Sep 14, 2015

Fall Favorites

fall faves

It's just starting to feel like fall in Virginia and today was actually the first day I needed to take a jacket to class! But I'm not complaining because fall fashion is basically everyone's favorite...including me! 

On a side note, I want to hear from you! Are there any posts that you are interested in seeing on Belle Adore? Fashion, college, beauty, you name it! Leave a comment below or tweet me with your thoughts!

1. Striped Tee - Your summer striped tees are the perfect transition pieces into fall! They look cute and go with almost anything!

2. Chic Water Bottle - After losing my water bottle somewhere on campus, I've been eyeing this super cute Swell bottle! I've heard such great things so I might just have to give it a try! Do you have a Swell (and do you like it?!)?

3. Backpack - My backpack basically goes everywhere with me on campus but I love this cute alternative to the typical sporty looking ones! I mean it's just so chic!

4. Foldable Flats - I picked these up at the boutique I work at just before leaving for college and I've been loving them! They cute and easy to wear and you can fold them up and keep them in your bag when you want to change into something more comfortable!

5. Army Jacket - I have the J.Crew field jacket (so does everyone else) but I love this longer, simpler jacket for fall too! 

6. Purple Lip Stain - Fall means dark lipsticks and I'm ok with that! This is a lip stain that doubles as a blush and the purple hue is so gorgeous! 

7. Cape Scarf - I saw this on Madewell's new arrivals and almost died...seriously it's just so cute!

8. Black Booties -   These booties are the perfect height and at the perfect price! Yes, they are rain boots but I would wear them with almost anything when the temps cool down!

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