Oct 1, 2015

College Study Tips

  1. Do what works for you! - This one should come naturally but I think sometimes to kind of 'lose yourself' in this sense. At the beginning of the year I started going with my friends to the 'collaborative' study section but I could never focus on my reading or online lectures! So now if now I have a lot to read I'll head up to the quiet section to get my work done! I may not work well in my dorm room but I now some people who can only do work there! So just try out a few different methods and see what works for you!
  2. Take *clear* notes - When you go back to study your notes you're going to wish you would be able to read them. So, in class be sure to write clearly, organized, and if you need to make notes in the margins draw arrows to the sections they correlate with!
  3. Write down *every* assignment - This should come easy to most but it could be something that some students need to focus on. In high school, we had a site where teachers posted every assignment. Well, that doesn't happen in college so it was up to me to keep track of everything. Be sure to write down *everything* (even if you just have to look up one thing) because if a professor wants you to know it then it must be important! 
  4. Make a playlist! - I like to play different playlists depending on what I'm doing or studying! I alternate between fun, upbeat songs for when I'm trying to check this off my to-do list and if I have a lot of reading to do I'll usually opt for piano or classical music!
  5. Coffee is not water!  - With a coffee shop right in the middle of my campus library it is so easy to just take a study break (or three) for that refill off ice coffee. But, coffee is not water and drinking more probably won't help you as much as you think it will. We need about 3 Liters of water a day so don't forget to bring a water bottle with you when you study! 
  6. Don't forget to take breaks - whether its to fill up your water bottle, get a breath of fresh air, or take a break to get some food, taking a break will help you clear your mind especially if you've been staring at the same book for the last two hours. 
  7. Start sooner rather than later -  This one may take a little time to adjust to but it's been working well for me so far! Last year, the extent of my studying was passing through a Quizlet study sheet the night before or even the class before my test! Now, if a test is on the horizon I know I should start studying (whether its just knowing what the test is on) a week before!
  8. Group Study -  I was never one for group projects but group study is definitely a blessing in disguise! We have midterms this week and next since fall break is coming up and I'm planning group study sessions for a few of my classes! When everyone is on the same page, a group study can actually be very productive!
  9. Switch study spots - Spending all day at the same desk in the library can really do a number on you...so switch it up! Maybe do some reading at the coffee shop, or in a friend's room, but don't force yourself to stay camped out in the same place all day!
  10. Get sleep! - I've learned that I don't work well the later it gets, so I try to get as much done as I can during the day so that I can a decent amount of sleep! Maybe you work well burning the midnight oil but I know for me it only makes me less productive!

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