Dec 22, 2015

Christmas in the City

My best friends from high school all go to different colleges so when we're on break we try to make the most of our time together! While I love our crazy group chat and funny snapchats...there's nothing better than actually being with them:) Instead of exchanging Christmas present like we've done in the past, we decided to venture out to Philadelphia to spend the day doing all sorts of festive things (It was fun playing tourist in our own city!)
After the quick train ride  we walked around for a bit but then decided that we were all starving! None of us are that familiar with the city but we found Sabrina's Cafe online and decided to go there! Let me tell you, this was some of the best brunch I've ever had...and I've had a lot! The french toast was to die for! Three of us had the french toast and my one friend had the chocolate chip pancakes which she said were amazing too!
We definitely wanted to hit up Love Park while we were there...surprisingly, I've never been! It was so cute because there was a massive tree all lit up and dozens of vendors selling little Christmas gifts...which definitely putting me more in the spirit!

Ice skating was a must! None of us could remember the last we went so it was a very interesting experience at first! I fell quiet a few times and I could definitely feel a few bruises forming (#ouch). My bestie Julia (^^^) made a blog recently to document her next semester, which she's going to be spending in London!

The ice rink was placed right in Center City near City Hall and while the rink itself wasn't too crowded, there were tons of people just watching us as they walked by!
A little post-skating hot chocolate break (well, a latte for me because I'm a coffee addict)! There was a La Colombe right on the corner and it was the perfect place for a warm break.

I mean this is Christmas Card worthy, is it not?

How are you and your friends celebrating Christmas this year?

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