Mar 16, 2016

Spring Break: London

You guys, I am so excited about today's post! I'm going to be sharing tons of pictures from my spring break trip to London! My friend Maddie and I hopped across the pond to visit our bestie Julia who has been studying abroad there! We went for 6 days (minus travel time) and if you follow my Instagram then I'm sure you've already seen some pictures! Just a warning, this post is very picture heavy! 

After we arrived, dropped of our bags, and grabbed a quick bite to eat, we headed to see the Tower Bridge! It's so iconic so it was a little strange to actually see it in person! We also toured the Tower of London before leaving the area!
Our next stop of the first day was Big Ben! We took a short tube ride and took the steps out of the station expecting to have to walk a block or two only to look up to see it right in front of us! By the time we got there, the sun was starting to set which made for some pretty cool pictures!

Our days were filled with tons of walking but who could complain when you're walking around such a pretty city! For someone who is not a city girl I kept picturing myself living in one of these gorgeous apartment buildings and walking to the nearby cafes for coffee and croissants:)!

A statue of Prince Albert right in the middle of Kensington Gardens!

Julia, me, and Maddie

If you ever go to London you must MUST must go to Harrods but more specifically the Harrods food hall! Not only is it the most luxurious department store I've ever been in, it also had the most delicious array of sweets and snacks!

I got a raspberry filled cronut and Julia got a chocolate filled one!

Monday was a long but very exciting day! We had a tour guide who was extremely educated and made the day fun and interesting! Our first stop was Windsor Castle which was a truly amazing sight to see. The place was filled with history and when we toured the inside we were just amazed at how grand the rooms are (no pictures were allowed)! And get this, the queen was actually at the castle when we were there but no, we weren't able to join her for tea:(

The changing of the guards - something I had only even seen in movies so it was so fun to watch!

After leaving Windsor, we made our way to Stonehenge. Prior to this trip I honestly had no clue where I thought Stonehenge was (Ireland, maybe?) but I just never realized it was in England. During the drive there, our tour guide gave us a mini history lesson about this ancient wonder of the world. No one really knows how it originated and we got to hear the several theories about how the stones were carried and who did it (aliens, anyone?).

Bath Abbey

Our next and final stop of the day was Bath. Our time at Bath might be one of my favorite parts of the trip! Our tour guide took us up a hill and told us to look out the windows- we could see the whole city right below us - it was breathtaking! We all agreed that Bath reminded us of Italy because the architecture and the entire vibe of the city was so different and more relaxed than central London. 

The Roman Baths - one of England's natural hot springs!

We did tons of exploring around the area where we were staying and I was in heaven considering how many cute stores, coffee shops, and bakeries are on any given street.

On one morning when Julia had to take an exam, Maddie and I decided to take advantage of all the nearby and free museums and galleries that were around us! We started the day off at the National History Museum which was surprisingly not boring! Despite the hundred of small children that were on field trips, we still had fun!

At dinner one day, someone mentioned that there was a Vogue exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. I wasn't sure if we would have time to go, but we  did and it was the best part of the trip! I wish I was allowed to take pictures because the exhibit was breathtaking and interesting. I was honestly so cool to see the progress of the magazine throughout the decades and see the actual magazines from those times. 

Buckingham palace!

Look at this view from the top of the London Eye!

Once, again this tote was SO useful and fit everything for a day of traveling!

Not sure if this picture could get any more tourist-y...
Just playing around with the night settings on my camera!
Friends who travel together stay together:)! Love them so much!

Have you ever been to London? What was your favorite part? (PS. thanks for sticking around until the end!)


  1. I went to London over the summer and LOVED the city. This post has me wanting to go back so badly!!! I couldn't agree more about imagining to live in one of the townhouses... ahhh, so much wanderlust!

    xo, Frannie

    1. Isn't it just a gorgeous city? Blog meet up in the city perhaps:)?

  2. Just went back and read this again and got ALL the feels :')) Montreal isn't ready for us!!! #3days


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