May 4, 2016

Downtown with Mod&Soul

One of my favorite things since starting college has to be all the new people I've met and formed connections with. I never thought I would go to college far from home, let alone out of state but over this past year I have quickly fallen in love with Richmond, VA and the people in it. Something that totally surprised me was the amount of bloggers that I would meet, I mean there are four of us just in my business fraternity and I have found so many more through social media and networking!

I came across the brand Mod & Soul on Instagram and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was based out of Richmond, Va. The brand was also opening their first storefront right Downtown! I got in contact with the store and I made a visit with a fellow blogger/bestie Meredith! We found out that the whole company was started by just one woman out of her home and has now turned into a full scale online store with a beautiful new store! The store is right in the heart of Richmond and has very on trend pieces and accessories, great basics, and products made by local companies. I fell in love with this romper because it is so comfy and the off the shoulder look makes it feel a bit more dressy than it is! I also left with this top and have already gotten so much wear out of it!

So if any of you are in the Richmond area I hope you get a chance to visit the new store! It's on:
323 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23220

But for the rest of you, check out Mod & Soul's website or follow on Instagram!

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