Jun 8, 2016

Brand Spotlight: Glossier

Acne has been something that I've struggled with for a few years. It never got so bad that it was painful, but it was alway just there and I never felt comfortable without makeup on. I thought wearing makeup would fix the problem (or at least cover it up) but *surprise* it only made it worse. I've come to realize that your makeup will only look its best if your skin looks/feels its best too. And that's why I love Glossier so much! There slogan actually is "Skin First, Makeup Second, Smile Always" and I think that it is such a positive message to put out there, especially for a beauty brand! 

So far I've bought the Milk Jelly Cleanser, Boy Brow, Balm Dot Com, and sampled the Priming Moisturizer. They all have a place in my morning and night routine. I use the Balm Dot Com almost religiously and keep them in my car/ bag/nightstand. I just recently bought the new rose scent because I'm down to the last bit of my coconut one. The Boy Brow is great, even on days when you don't do a full face of makeup! I use the Milk Jelly Cleanser to take off my makeup because you can put it on your dry face and it begins to dissolve off your makeup right away.

I'm on the waitlist for the new lipsticks because they sold out it like .1 seconds so hopefully I'll be adding that to my collection soon! Maybe even the highlighter that they just released too!

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