Jul 17, 2016

San Francisco, California

I finally got around to downloading and editing all the pictures from my recent trip! If you follow my snapchat or Instagram (@belleadore) then you probably already saw a few snaps from my adventures! 

My sister, mom, and I left for San Francisco bright and early on the morning of my birthday and arrived at around 10 am California time! I was put in charge on planning the 'itinerary' for the trip so of course before we arrived I headed to my favorite (San Fran based) blog, Gal Meets Glam, for some inspiration! After seeing pictures on there of this adorable cafe, Cafe St. Jorge, we decided to make that our first stop of the day for some much needed coffee and food. I had the homemade granola with yogurt and fruit, my sister got the avocado toast, and my mom had an egg sandwich - everything was so delicious!

This was my first time in San Francisco so I wanted to do all the touristy things before we left for Seattle. The Golden Gate Bridge was first, and I was seriously blown away by actually seeing it in person. It was so beautiful, even with all that fog! I had read about a place where you could get the best view of the bridge called Marin Headlands from some travel sites so we ventured up the side of a huge mountain to find the perfect spot! You get a perfect view of the entire Golden Gate Bridge and there are a lot less people than the visitor center. Heading back down the mountain was just as fun...you had the Bridge on one side and then around the corner was
Black Sand Beach...I wanted to stop for pictures at every turn!

The view of the bridge from Marin Headlands!

We drove across the bridge towards downtown San Francisco to find the Painted Ladies! The architecture all over San Francisco was so unique...nothing like the East Coast!

After driving to dinner we were greeted by a mob of people and we had no idea why! Well, it turns out that we were on Lombard Street! Famous for being an incredibly steep one-block section with eight turns, it's no wonder people were stopping to look. We parked the car and walked up the twisty street, taking pictures, and watching the cars trying to (slowly) navigate down the street. We even saw some segways going down too! 

This house with the purple flowers immediately caught my eye! I mean who wouldn't want a house as pretty as this one!?

I made it a point to go to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse while we were in town because I have been seeing dozens of pictures of this place on Instagram for the past couple of months. It combines two of my favorite things: good Instagram pictures and delicious pastries. We did have to wait in a small line but it was SO worth the wait!

I mean I'm drooling just looking at these pictures. We got 6 different pastries (I know 6 pastries for 3 people might have been a bit much...but we did finish them all. Oops!) so that we could try as many as we could. My favorite was the Ube Puff (we had to look up what exactly this was - prickly pear if you were wondering) and the Matcha donut  - both to die for!!!


Funny story about these pictures...after we got the pastries we were standing by the window to get a clear shot and as soon as the group before us left this woman came in from outside and sat down right in the middle of the bench while her husband was waiting in line. It was extremely obvious that we, and like 5 other people, were waiting to take a picture but she didn't budge. After we finished a pastry and coffee we had to ask if she could please move for just one minute but first she asked her husband to take like 1,000 pictures of her. *cue eye roll*

I blogged about my outfit here...have you seen the post yet?

Twin Peaks was the last thing on my list of 'tourist things to do'. The Twin Peaks are two hills with an elevation of almost 1,000 feet and located near the center of the city of San Francisco. It is said to have the best view of the entire city. We could only stay for a few minutes because it was cold and so windy that we thought we were going to blow away!! 

We made our way to the bay where we explored the Embarcadero, Ghirardelli Square, and all the docks along the way!

When we weren't exploring tourist sites, we were eating our way through the city! Some places we tried:

1. Lemonade - this was my first time here and I'm obsessed! If only they brought some to the East Coast because I would do anything for a blood orange lemonade right now!

2. Gracias Madre - This was another recommendation I took from Julia's blog! My sister is a vegetarian so we wanted to find a vegetarian-friendly place for all of us to eat! This was my first time at an all plant based restaurant but my Mom, sister, and I loved everything we had. 

3. Chinatown - We had lunch one day at a very random restaurant that we found on Yelp. It was an experience to say the least but made for some funny memories.

4. Little Italy - We had the best cappuccinos, fresh baked biscotti, and cannolis at Stella's Bakery in Littly Italy!

These pictures are really making me miss the city!  Although it was chilly and windy, I immediately fell in love with the city! Three days was not enough time - hopefully another trip to San Francisco is in my near future! 

From San Francisco, we flew to Seattle to visit my brother! Stay tuned early next week for some pictures of my stay there!


  1. Looks like you and your sis had a great time! Loved all these photos;)

  2. Such a fun trip, I've always wanted to go to San Francisco! And I just added you on Snapchat:)
    xo, Syd

    1. It was at the top of my list of places I wanted to go so I'm so glad I had this opportunity!! Thanks for adding me...I hope you like my snaps:)!

  3. Ahh this looks so fun! You make me want to put San Francisco on my list of must-visit places!!!


    1. It was the BEST trip!! Definitely go there if you get the chance!

  4. Sounds like an awesome trip..GREAAAT pics! I started drooling once the food came into the picture (lol). I love food and I’m not ashamed of it(lol). You should do event venues next (If you haven't that is). Would really love your take on that place!


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