Aug 15, 2016

Pink-spiration with Glossier

If you read the blog then you know just how much I love Glossier! I swear by their products and overall just love the brand as a whole. I have already gone through several of their products including the Balm Dot Com, Boy Brow, and the Milk Jelly Cleanser and continue to reorder! The team over at Glossier asked me to showcase how 'I do pink' and I couldn't have been more excited! Pink is a color that you will find me wearing about 90% of the time, especially in the summer. Whether it's my clothing, accessories, or makeup, you will most likely find the color somewhere in my look! 

I decided to create an inspiration board to show you just exactly how 'I do pink' or more specifically #glossierpink. I included some of my favorite Glossier products because just like the color pink, they've become a pretty important staple in my life. The cleanser is in my bathroom for either an easy makeup removal or part of my morning routine. For the perfect rosy pout I love to use the Rose Balm Dotcom. I was put on the waitlist for the Generation G lipstick but now that it is back in stock I think I might  definitely have to order the color 'Like'.

I have been following the #glossierpink Pinterest board for some inspiration, or should I say pink-spiration! Follow along to get some inspiration of your own!

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