Jan 16, 2017

Best New Beauty Buys

Trying out new products is one of my favorite things to do because the best part is finding the ones that become staples in your routine! These beauty products are some of my favorites at the moment and I can't rave about them enough! 

To avoid chapped lips, I've been using these balms from Lano Lips! I love the gloss because its super hydrating and the ointment is the best for both your lips, cuticles, and any dry spots!

I heard from a beauty expert about how IT Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the industry. Besides that, I've seen these products on tons of beauty vlogs! The Bye Bye Under Eyes is really heavy duty for dark circles and the loose powder is great to give you a matte finish! 

I decided to give the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer another go now that my skin has really cleared up! It's super lightweight but provides great coverage! And this lip color has been on repeat for my everyday look!

Finally, I've heard great things about these Dr. Bronner's soaps! They apparently serve tons of purposes (shampoo, body wash, shaving oil, etc.) but are mainly used as body soaps! They are 100% organic and fair trade!

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