May 8, 2017

Your Guide to Glossier

Hi all! It’s been too long since my last post (sorry about that 😬) but now that the semester is over I am excited to dedicate more time to the blog! I’m hoping to get a post up soon with a few life updates and my plans this summer!

I’m SO excited for today’s post…as most of you probably know, I’m a Glossier rep! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably see my dozens of pictures, stories, and comments related to Glossier products -  I get quite a few questions about my favorite products or my experience with them so I figured I would write an updated post all about Glossier products.

I have almost every product that they’ve released (call me crazy but I’m obsessed with everything!) so if you have specific questions about anything just leave hem in the comments below!

Cloud Paint This was one of Glossier’s newer launches and definitely one of my favorite products from them! I can honestly say that I use these everyday as part of my makeup routine. I have the shades Puff, Beam, and Dusk and love them all. I’m just missing Haze but I’m hoping to add it to my collection in the fall because it’s just a little dark for summertime! This was my first time ever using cream blushes and it’s safe to say that I’m officially a convert! They’re so easy to blend and build and I love that ‘dewy’ look it gives you afterwards. 

Balm Dot Com: As a hoarder of lip products, it probably comes as no surprise that I have about 4 of these floating around at all time! My personal favorite is the coconut because it reminds of summer! The rose is great too if you’re looking for something thats hydrating and slightly tinted. 

Boy BrowBoy Brow might be Glossier’s claim to fame…yes it really is that good! I never used to be the person who absolutely needed to have their brows ‘done’ before leaving the house because it was always so time consuming but now I always find myself swiping on some boy brow - even on the days I’m going makeup-free! I use Boy Brow in brown and its the perfect shade and consistency to fill them in and give them some shape

Priming Moisturizer: I’m already on my second order of this stuff! As someone who has oily/combination skin, I really appreciate a moisturizer that sinks into my skin and doesn’t feel too heavy. The priming moisturizer is great to use in the morning before applying makeup.

Priming Moisturizer Rich: I unfortunately just finished my second bottle of PMR and think its time to reorder! I found myself reaching for this day/night during the winter month and it was a total savior for my skin. I transitioned to using it just at night to let my skin soak up the moisture and lessen the redness on my face overnight.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: If you like using a cleansing oil to take off your makeup then you will love this! It has the most pleasant rose smell and whether you use it as a makeup remover or a cleanser and it’ll leave your face feeling soft and clean

Face Mist: I use this everyday, morning/night for a little bit of hydration and to give my face a bit of a refresh! Its also great to set your makeup with!

Face Masks: I can only give you my thoughts on the Mega Greens Mask but I have heard amazing things about the Moisturizing Moon Mask too! My sister and I love Mega Greens - it’s great for detoxifying because its packed with greens and antioxidants like spinach, avocado, acai, and more!

The Supers:
- Super Pure - I love this stuff. Not just for the super aesthetically pleasing packaging but I’ve found that it really helps with problem areas on my skin. I would put a bit on any redness I saw at night and by morning I saw a visible difference

Super Bounce - This one is newer to me and I’m loving the result! I definitely was not looking my best during second semester, finals, work, and moving out so when I got home I started using it more regularly and it definitely brought back some much needed life to my skin!

Generation GI love love love this lipstick! I wanted to try a nude color and ended up picking the shade ‘Cake’. It was a great everyday color during the colder month but I’m not so sure I would reach for it using summer. I’m thinking about trying “Like’ or ‘Crush’ for summer color!

HaloscopeGet your glow on!  I never really used highlighter before this one and now its a staple in my routine. I don’t use a ton but if I’m doing a full face of makeup I will dab some on my cheekbones and right under my brows! 

Lip Gloss: I have always been a lipgloss kid of girl - you really won’t ever find me with a matte lip - so I was extremely excited  when Glossier re-launched this product after their limited edition Black Tie Set from Christmastime! Wear it alone for a simple glossy look or try swiping on some Gen G in ‘Zip’ underneath for the ultimate lip!

Stretch Concealer: I reach for this when my under eyes need an extra bit of help - which is often. I use the shade medium and love how easily it covers up my dark circles! 

I hope this post gave you some insight into Glossier and their products! And don't forget that you can shop through my rep link for 20% off your first purchase :)

If you have any more questions about any of the products, feel free to ask! And tell me what your favourite products are?

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