Jun 14, 2017

Farmacy Beauty Review

I'm back with another beauty post for you guys! I know most of my posts have been beauty focused so if there is something specific you want to see - just let me know! You can leave a comment or send me a quick message at belleadoreblogs@gmail.com

Farmacy Beauty kindly set me a few of their best selling products to try and I've been incorporating them into my beauty routine for the past two weeks. I have pretty sensitive, acne prone skin so I'm always hesitant to try new products, but I knew that Farmacy products were naturally derived and was curious to give them a go!

Let me just start by saying that I love these products! Like I said, I've been using them for about two weeks and I can honestly say that my skin has improved a considerable amount. When I came home from school in May, I was experiencing some pretty bad breakouts (probably stress related) and ever since then, its not so much acne that I'm dealing with as it is pigmentation and scarring. Since using these Farmacy products, I can say that I have a more even complexion and a reduction in overall redness/pigmentation.

The standout product for me is the Sleep Tight Night Balm! You guys, this stuff rocks! I was a bit turned off at first because it has a very different consistency - not an oil or a moisturizer. You take the balm and warm it up by rubbing your palms together. This activates it and makes it super easy to apply. I put it all over my clean face at night after using a toner and I've noticed that I wake up to smooth, moisturized, and even skin!

I was extremely excited to try the Honey Potion Face Mask - I'm a sucker for a good face mask and I heard such great things about this one! Its a very thick, honey like (obviously) mask that helps to nourish and moisturize your skin! The honey used in this product is from bees on the Farmacy farm in NewYork and includes propolis which is a healing ingredient found in beehives and is rich in amino acids to enhance your skins overall appearance! It was extremely soothing on my sensitive skin and I love that it warms up as you apply it to your skin - your skin looks great right after use but looks even better the next morning when used together with the Night Balm!

The Honey Savior salve has been great to treat the scarring on my skin. It's a universal product but I've only been using it on my face. It worked great on dry patches and even in place of an under-eye cream!

I've incorporated the Skin Dew into my makeup routine as the final step! It's a very refreshing mist that sets my makeup but also hydrates my skin - it also smells amazing!

You can try samples of all of these product in their Skin Savior Kit! Have you tried any Farmacy beauty products? What are some of your favorites?!

Jun 5, 2017

Life Lately

Ever since I came home for the summer, life has been SO busy! I don't think I've mentioned that much about my internship on here but I've been working at a PR firm in Philadelphia - so far it has already been an amazing learning experience and so much fun! I take the train into the city 3-4 times a week and when I'm not working there, I'm usually at the boutique I've worked at for the past two summers. Yes it's been busy but I wouldn't have it any other way! Here's a little look at the past few weeks!

1. There's a La Colombe right on the way from the train station to my office and I've been popping in there for a morning coffee everyday! I'm pretty sure the employees recognize me now which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing! La Colombe is definitely one of my favorite coffee shops in the city - next time you go, try the draft latte!

2. I was recently commissioned to take social media pictures for another local boutique! I love working in the boutique environment and it has been so fun getting to know and work with other small business owners! It's definite a plus that the clothes are so cute!


3. Besides doing general tasks for the PR firm that I work with, I also exclusively work on a few different clients! Last week we did a wedding showcase at a new boutique hotel in University City! Oh my gosh, it was literally a dream come true with a fully staged wedding planned out throughout the hotel. Complete with food, music, cake, and wedding dresses! Even though I was working during the event, I think I enjoyed myself just as much as the attendees!

The restaurant at this same new hotel held a blogger preview that I attended for work! I got to meet some of Philly's biggest food bloggers and writers and it was so funny to see them all standing in line to get the perfect picture of the food - we had a ring light and everything!!

Another one of the clients I'm working on is a new power yoga studio opening up in the city! We've had two pop ups and the last one was a sunset rooftop class! Besides learning more about PR, this internship has proven to be an amazing experience in getting to know Philadelphia better!

4. You might have seen this picture on Instagram a few weeks ago but I'm bringing it back because I'm doing a Glossier GIVEAWAY! I'll be posting about it on Instagram so be sure to follow and stay tuned for that announcement!

5. Some of my best friends are home for the summer as well so we've been trying to do some fun things before we all go abroad! Julia and I drove up to Hawk Mountain last weekend for a hike and it was amazing! Incredible views and such a fun drive too!

6. Saturday night, Julia and I went to the Chainsmokers concert and it was SO fun! We were right at the front of the floor and the vibe of entire night was amazing! They put on such a good show... if you watched my Insta story from that night you might have heard us singing the background of the videos:)

Happy Monday...let's have the best week!!

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