Nov 17, 2017

Dreaming of Paris

So it's been quite a bit since my last blog post! But rest assured, I'm alive and well and enjoying the last month I have left of my study abroad semester (time. is. flying)! It's been a pretty difficult to put together blog posts but you can keep up with my on Instagram to see what I've been up to!

 This post might be my favorite that I've written because it lets me relive one of the best weekends ever! Ask anyone and they'll tell you that I've been dreaming of my first trip to Paris for years! I never thought that my first time to the city of lights would be with some of my absolute favorite people in the world! It was everything I have dreamed of and more! I already want to start planning another trip back. My bestie, Julia made a super fun video of the trip with all the highlights...I cry a little every time I watch it.

The program that I'm on works on something similar to a quarter system so the 'semester' is actually divided into Period 1 and Period 2, and we have a whole new set of classes in each period. After my last final exam of the first period, my friend Bobbi and I hopped on a train for the 2-hour trip to Paris. We were meeting up with my college roommate Ashlee, who was coming from Germany, and my two high school best friends, Maddie and Julia, who were coming from Denmark.

Our first priority was grabbing a bite to eat, so we made our way to the nearest cafe. We walked right past Notre Dame and obviously had to stop to snap a few pictures! After lunch, we grabbed gelato at the cutest spot because its a tradition that Bobbi has every time she comes to Paris! Feeling a bit tired and weighed down with our luggage, we took the metro to our apartment in Le Marais. The apartment was quite tiny for 5 girls but it was in such a great location had the absolute best view! 

After a tearful reunion with Maddie and Julia (I hadn't seen them since early August!) we freshened up and headed to see the Eiffel Tower. Julia and Bobbie knew the best metro stop to get out for the best first view of the icon. It such a amazing experience seeing it for the first time. We stepped up out of the metro station, turned the corner, and *bam* there it was. I cried...just watch the video for proof. It was SO much bigger than I thought it was going to be! After taking it all in, we decided to have dinner under the Eiffel Tower. We grabbed baguettes, cheese, fruit, and wine (a truly balanced diet) and cozied up for a picnic. We watched the tower light up and twinkle (I cried, again) and even witnessed a proposal happen! We headed back to our apartment and ended the best first day with some nutella crepes.

We started the next day bright and early. We grabbed croissants for breakfast and made our way to the Arc de Triomphe. The whole trip I just kept stopping to take picture and say how beautiful everything was! The Arc de Triomphe was stunning but the view from the top of it was definitely a highlight of the trip. Thankfully, we went in the morning on a beautiful day so we had a clear view of the entire city.

my best friends💕

We worked up quite an appetite after all the walking and climbing and headed for macarons at Laudurée on Champs-Élysées followed by a lunch of fries and croque-monsiours. I was so excited about finally getting my hands on the new Glossier products so we popped into Colette since it was right around the corner from our lunch spot. The new products did not disappoint...the perfume smells incredible!

We split up after lunch so Ashlee, Maddie, and I wanted to go to the Louvre and Bobbi and Julia wanted to go to Musee L'Orangerie. To be honest, the Mona Lisa was a bit of a letdown! We all met up at the D'Orsay to see a few of Monet's water lilies, Dega's ballerinas, and of course the iconic clock. If you're a student studying abroad, be sure to ask about entrance discounts. We all got into these museums for free with our residence permits. 

After a quick coffee pick me up I made the group take a quick pit stop into a French pharmacy...hello, beauty junkie over here...I had to pick up a few new products!  

Our next stop was Monmarte! Again, I was absolutely stunned by the beautiful view once we got up the what seemed like a thousand steps. The Sacré-Cœur was stunning and we walked around the area where all the artist's have their stands. I picked up the cutest little print that I can't wait to hang up at home. We had gotten sandwiches from a nearby bakery and enjoyed dinner on the steps of the Sacré-Cœur while watching the pink and orange sunset over the city. After the sun had set, we went back to the apartment to get ready for a night out! 

The next morning we had a ~very French~ breakfast of fresh squeezed orange juice, espresso, and croissants. It was a rainy morning but hey, I'll take a rainy day in Paris over anywhere else! We walked to the famous Angelina's for their hot chocolate and picked up a few pastries to along with it. We grabbed a bench in the Tuileries Gardens to enjoy it. It's safe to say we were all on a major sugar high after this. We popped into Galeries Lafayette for a bit of shopping and of course to see the Christmas Tree! 

Palais Royale was on my Paris bucket list and I'm glad we made the time to see it! I had no idea the black and white pillars were actually an art's such an iconic spot in Paris! 

We ended our last, rainy day in Paris with baguettes before Maddie and Ashlee left for the train station to head back to their host countries. Julia was coming back to Maastricht with me to spend the week before heading to Amsterdam the next weekend. 

It was an absolute whirlwind of a weekend but I would do it again in a heartbeat. We were exhausted from all the walking and exploring but I think I can speak for all of us when I say it was worth it! It was such an amazing experience to share this trip with my very best friends! Paris took a little bit of my heart and I can't wait to come back...hopefully sometime soon!

Check out the video that Julia made from our weekend! 


  1. Best weekend ever!! Cant wait to go back someday...

  2. I love reading your study abroad posts, they make me so jealous! I can't wait to study abroad too!
    xo, Hannah

    1. I'm glad you enjoy reading my posts! Where are you thinking of studying abroad?


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