Oct 30, 2018

A Skincare Update with Clarisonic

So it's been a minute...but hi guys! 

It's no secret that I have a little bit of a skincare obsession! I love everything about it...the routine is so comforting and the science behind it is SO interesting! Maybe it's a little bit ironic because I've struggled with my skin for a while now! The past few months have been a little bit frustrating...after a summer of good skin, I was surprised when I got back to school and it started to freak out! 

The first step in my skincare routine is always to CLEANSE! It's so important to start with a clean base, especially when you're applying makeup or skincare. Lately, my routine has included the combination of the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser and the
Clarisonic Mia Prima.  I'm a little more aggressive in the evenings to make sure I get rid of all my makeup from the day so I'll start with a makeup wipe, follow up with a cleansing oil, and then finally use my Clarisonic to really get my skin clean!

My roommate and I both use the Kiehls cleanser - she has amazing skin and while mine is a little more stubborn and problematic, I've found that this doesn't dry my skin at all and actually helps to keep oils at a minim. For any skincare junkies out there (myself included...) the cleanser's main ingredients include Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E, and Avocado Oil - so you know its great for all skin types.

I love trying new skincare/makeup products but there is a certain level of uncertainty since my skin is acne-prone! While the  Clarisonic Mia doesn't fight acne itself, it helps to give the ultimate cleansing experience by removing the dirt, oil, and debris that might cause breakouts. A strong skincare routine, quality products, a healthy diet, and drinking tons of water are what I find to help my skin the most! My new Clarisonic Mia is the perfect addition to my skincare routine - it's so easy to easy, gentle on my skin, and gives me a super soft, clean feeling!

What does your skincare routine look like? Let me know - I'm so interested to hear about your favorite products!

I'm so happy that I've found a cleansing routine that works well with my skin so I thought I would share some of the other products that I've been loving as well. 

A313 - I bought this from an Into the Gloss recommendation and so far I've been loving it! It's a Vitamin A / Retinol that helps to create an even skin texture.

Leo Oil - I found this product through Instagram and I'm already on my second bottle. It's a combination of blue tansy, rosehip seed oil and meadowfoam seed oil. It moisturizes and treats irritated skin. Everything about the product is hand-made by an amazingly inspiring woman and the products has helped me calm down my skin's redness. 

Vitamin C - I picked up this Vitamin C at Whole Foods and use it in the morning before my moisturizer. I haven't been using it for too long but I've noticed it helping diminish my current acne scarring and prevent any more. 

Lippie Balm - Lip balms are my favorite things to try out and this one is a new favorite! The packaging is adorable, the product isn't sticky, it moisturizes so well, and you can even use it under eyes as a moisturizing treatment. 

This post is sponsored by Clarisonic, Kiehl’s, and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Belle Adore possible!

Aug 27, 2018

Back to School with Visionworks

After a crazy busy summer,  finishing my internship and presenting my final project, and a family trip to Iceland (more pictures to come!), I'm finally all moved in for my senior year at the University of Richmond! While I can already tell this is going to be one of the craziest semesters (ok who thought 5 classes, 2 jobs, and a blog was a good idea?), I could not be more excited for my last year here in Richmond and for my classes to start today!

I shared an Instagram post the other day about my favorite new frames from  Visionworks and I just had to share them in more detail on the blog! I never really used to wear my glasses out - but as I'm spending more and more time looking at a screen, I like to give my eyes a rest from contacts every few days! I got two different  styles and love how 'on brand' they both are for me but also how unique the two styles are! Both styles are parts of  Visionworks' exclusive new line  OTIS+GREY and the styles are made with millenial trends and concepts in mind! It was so hard narrowing down my favorites, I could see myself wearing almost all of them! So simple, elegant, modern, and trendy!

The first style I'm wearing is the style  OG 7000 and the second you see is  OG 7012! And best part? You choose colors and lens style that you like all at such an affordable price! Love the collection? Check out the rest of the OTIS+GREY line,  here!

Jun 25, 2018

Day Designer + GIVEAWAY!!

Hi everyone! 

Ok so picking a planner has always been a very time consuming process for me! I haven't switched to a digital planning system just yet because I love physically writing and checking things off my lists! I'm very picky with my  planners...the size, print, lines, room to write notes, etc. I end up spending way more time than I care to admit actually deciding which one to buy!

I've heard SO many good things about the  Day Designer over the past few years and I'm excited to be using the Academic Daily Planners this year! I love that the planner started in June, just in time for the first full month of my internship - so I didn't have to worry about switching my planners over or wasting any pages!

My  Day Designer has already become my favorites of all the planners I've tried! It's beautifully designed and makes organization and planning so easy and fun! I love the little motivational quotes that each page has!

My favorite part? The daily pages and hour by hour breakdown!! I finally have enough room to write everything down, including a schedule and a to-do list and even room for other random notes including top 3 priorities and little reminders! 

I want YOU guys to join in on the fun so I'm giving away THREE Day Designers to help you get organized in work, school, life, you name it! It's so easy to enter!

Head to  Instagram and make sure you're following me!

1. Follow @belleadore and @thedaydesigner
2. Like the picture - the most recent one on my feed!
3. Leave a comment with your favorite print that you would love to win!
4. Make sure to tag a friend and let them know about the giveaway!

Jun 18, 2018

Summer Style with Mod & Soul

Hi guys, I'm back with another fun outfit post!

I know I said I would be back with more blog posts this summer but wow the 9-5 internship and weekend job is more time-consumer and demanding than I thought! I really want to do a post about my internship - I'm an intern on the QVC social media marketing team if you didn't know - so let me know if that's something you want to hear more about / what you want to know! 

If you've been reading the blog for a while now, you now how much I love  Mod & Soul! It's a chic boutique in downtown Richmond, Virginia with an equally amazing online shop! I've done a few photoshoots and guest posts for  Mod & Soul over the past few years and I'm excited to be featuring this super fun summer look!

During the summer, I would consider myself a dress/skirt kind of girl! I find myself throwing on a dress every morning for work because it's so easy, comfortable, and fun to play with different styles! 

I'm absolutely loving the midi length right now so when I saw this dress I instantly fell in love! I was surprised to be so into the polka dot print but honestly, I'm really into it - it's so timeless!  

I stuck to my go-to accessories, with a little bit of a summer-y update!

There's SO many cute summer dresses at Mod & Soul right now and I'm excited to share a few of my favorites!

What have you guys been up to this summer?!

May 19, 2018

Sweet Summertime (+ GIVEAWAY with Gingy's and Madeline & Co)

Hi friends! Please forgive me to the radio silence on the blog...I'm not kidding when I say this past semester was the busiest I've ever been. I'm planning on doing a little life update on my summer internship plans on the blog soon!

I'm so excited to be back to blogging and sharing this fun post in collaboration with a local PA boutique called Gingy's and another one of my favorite brands, Madeline & Co! And guess what, we've teamed up to do a giveaway to get you ready for all your summer travel plans so check out the end of this post for more info on how to enter! 

This dress from the Gingy's collection is seriously the most comfortable and such a fun addition to my summer wardrobe! It's a great lightweight material so it's perfect those hot summer days when you're on the go. For me, I think it'll be great dress to transition from work days to weekend plans! 

You guys know how much I love my Madeline & Company backpack from the last time I posted about it! It's perfectly functional for school/work/travel...you name it! I got the cutest blue and white stripe this time around and it has already been the best for some of my recent trips!

If you're in PA/NJ/RI, definitely check out Gingy's boutique in Malvern, Stone Harbor, or Newport or shop their store online! They carry so many cute brands (like Crosby and Draper James!!!) as well as their own collection that has been designed by the Gingy's team and a portion of the proceeds go to a local charity.

I'm SO excited for this summer and I hope this is your best summer too! Here's how to enter our giveaway so you're ready for your most stylish summer yet!

1. Find my most recent Instagram post (featuring Madeline & Co. backpack and Gingy's Dress)

2. Make sure you're following me (@belleadore), Gingy's (@gingys), and Madeline & Co (madelineandcompany) on Instagram!

3. Like the picture!

4. *For extra entries, leave a comment on the post and tag a friend that you're excited to spend the summer with!

Jan 2, 2018

My Semester Abroad

It's been a week since I returned home from my 4-month semester abroad in Europe and it's been a crazy few days adjusting to home, celebrating Christmas and New Years, and trying to organize my life before heading back to school...all while fighting a 6-hour time difference. Saying goodbye to my home away from home and all of my new friends was so much harder than I thought it was going to be and while I was excited to see my family after four months away it was really hard leaving the city that I grew to love and know!

Although I was still very active on social media and published a handful of  blog posts detailing some of my trips during my time in Europe, I never went too deep into my personal experience and/or tips for those of you planning to do a semester abroad! If you have any other specific abroad questions or want to know more about my experience, feel free to leave a comment on this post or shoot me an email (belleadoreblogs@gmail.com).

Maastricht, Netherlands

For those of you who didn't know, I was studying at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. It's a small city at the southern tip of the Netherlands and can be characterized by cobblestone paths, thec constant smell of sweet waffles, medieval style architecture, gothic churches, dozens of unique restaurants and cafes, and the scenic Maas river that runs through the whole city. I loved that it wasn't the typical tourist city, but instead, it was a place that you could really live in. Of all the places I could have gone, I never expected to end up in the Netherlands but its funny how things work out because I wouldn't have changed anything about my experience. My home university allows you to pick two schools abroad and they work to match you on the best one based on course offerings, grades, interests, and the competitiveness of the program. So I was matched with the highly accredited business school at Maastricht University last April, spent the summer preparing for my trip, and left for my program at the end of August. My parents and sister came with me to explore Amsterdam for a few days before driving to Maastricht to check out the city and ultimately drop me off at the place that I would be living for the rest of the semester. My four months can be best described by constant cycling, stroopwafels (aka the best thing you'll ever eat), new amazing friends, travel, and trying my best to understand the most basic of the Dutch language.

I asked you guys if you had any specific questions and I'm going to try my best to cover them! Again, there's so much more to my 4 months abroad than I can cover in one post and a few pictures so if there's something you want me to elaborate on just let me know!

Where did you stay? 

My university abroad provided tons of information about where to stay for the semester. They had a building called the 'Guesthouse' that was offered as the first choice for every exchange student which was a building dedicated specifically for exchange students. My home university required us to stay here. The rooms were all different - single/double room, kitchen in the room or for the hall, etc. I had a sweet roommate from Barcelona (we got along really well!) and we had a kitchen and dining table in our room! Some people lived on hall with a shared kitchen space for everyone and some students opted to find apartments throughout the city (these people were mostly staying a full year). One of my best friends who was studying in Copenhagen had the absolute best experience at a homestay so if you have any specific questions about that I would be more than happy to ask her about it.

Did you cook/eat out more?

I tried my best to cook most of my meals! Buying and cooking for one person was harder than I thought it was going to be because food went bad so quickly (less preservatives to make the food stay, etc). I usually did food shopping on the weekend and bought ingredients that would last for the week or would make good snacks to bring with me to class. I usually ended up with a ton of fruits to snack on and vegetables that I could cook with chicken and rice, pasta, quinoa, etc. When it got colder, I made a lot of chili, soups, stir frys. That's not to say I didn't eat out because the food options in Maastricht were amazing. Seriously, I would walk around and notice a new restaurant every other day. My university also had a cafe in one of our main study spots with yummy pastries, smoothies, and sandwiches. My friends and I definitely did our fair share of eating out - if we weren't traveling on the weekends we would make a point to get brunch or drinks and dinner at a fun new place in the city!

Where did you stay when you traveled?

I took a lot of day trips since I was super close to the Belgian/German border but when I did travel overnight, I stayed in a combination of hostels, rental apartments, and Airbnb. Honestly, I didn't have the best experience at a hostel so I would definitely recommend checking out Airbnb. But, I know that hostels are cheap and convenient and a ton are surprisingly nice - I would just recommend doing your research before you book!

What did you pack?

It's safe to say I definitely over packed! I traveled there with one carry one, a larger checked bag, and then a backpack. It was hard to pack for several different seasons so I packed a lot of layering pieces. I knew I would need cute and comfortable yet stylish outfits so I only packed things I absolutely knew I would wear. I used the packing guide that my friend Julia made after her semester in London and it worked really well for me! I wore these  sneakers and  booties to death and didn't go a day without this tote bag

How did you get around? (What types of transportation did you use)

The Netherlands is pretty well know for its cycling culture so I got a bike during my first week there. Other than biking, I occasionally took the local bus lines and rode the trains if I was taking a trip! Most European cities have pretty easy to navigate transportation systems that you can either download an app for, check google maps, or look online!

Do you have any tips for someone going abroad?

1. Live Like a Local - I was told by quite a few people that out of everyone, Americans are the most obvious to point out as tourists. Obviously, I didn't want to fall under this category so I tried my best to 'blend in' and live as if I were a regular person there - towards the end of my time, people at the grocery stores and bus drivers would start talking to me in Dutch! I tried to pick up a few common words/phrases to get by in certain situations. Biking was practically the only way to get around so my trusty bike came with me everywhere - I even learned  how to fix a loose chain (seriously, there are more bikes than people in that country). Something that I was happy to 'adjust' to was the way that people dress in Europe - seriously the style is so much more elevated than what you would see on a typical college campus. It was both refreshing and inspiring to see everyone try their best to look nice and show off their style.

2. Take Advantage of Program Offerings - My partner university was great in helping international students transition to life in our new city before classes actually started. They had a whole committee dedicated to international students and providing us with opportunities to take advantage of. That first week was so much fun because we had the opportunity to meet all the new people we would be living, studying, and traveling with. They led tours of the city, bike workshops, dinners, parties, and cultural events like museum nights and traditional Dutch dinners. I met one of my now best friends on the first day thanks to this awesome program. The same group hosted pre-drinks every week which was a great way to socialize, karaoke/trivia nights, and a few planned trips as well. I joined the group on a 3 day trip visiting all the major Dutch cities and had the best time on their Oktoberfest trip that they planned!

3. Step Outside your Comfort Zone - When I was placed in this program, I didn't know any other University of Richmond students that would be joining me. There was around 12 of us going to this school and I'd never met more than half of them. I was worried about going into this experience 'alone' or without a good friend to rely on but it ended up being such a blessing. Not knowing anyone on the program 'forced' me to step outside my comfort zone and I ended up meeting some of the people who would soon become my best friends during the orientation week when everyone was just getting to know each other. The funny thing is, I ended up living on the same floor as 3 Richmond students I didn't know before and was able to become friends with them - I'm excited to see them back at school soon!I'm definitely a planner but this experience taught me to just go with the flow. This was my first time traveling alone (besides to/from school) and there were plenty of times that either put me on edge/ I missed a flight or train/ my plans were completely thrown out the window. It was seriously a learning experience in the best possible way. 

Have you done a semester abroad? Are you planning a trip abroad? I want to know where you are going/went!

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