Jun 25, 2018

Day Designer + GIVEAWAY!!

Hi everyone! 

Ok so picking a planner has always been a very time consuming process for me! I haven't switched to a digital planning system just yet because I love physically writing and checking things off my lists! I'm very picky with my  planners...the size, print, lines, room to write notes, etc. I end up spending way more time than I care to admit actually deciding which one to buy!

I've heard SO many good things about the  Day Designer over the past few years and I'm excited to be using the Academic Daily Planners this year! I love that the planner started in June, just in time for the first full month of my internship - so I didn't have to worry about switching my planners over or wasting any pages!

My  Day Designer has already become my favorites of all the planners I've tried! It's beautifully designed and makes organization and planning so easy and fun! I love the little motivational quotes that each page has!

My favorite part? The daily pages and hour by hour breakdown!! I finally have enough room to write everything down, including a schedule and a to-do list and even room for other random notes including top 3 priorities and little reminders! 

I want YOU guys to join in on the fun so I'm giving away THREE Day Designers to help you get organized in work, school, life, you name it! It's so easy to enter!

Head to  Instagram and make sure you're following me!

1. Follow @belleadore and @thedaydesigner
2. Like the picture - the most recent one on my feed!
3. Leave a comment with your favorite print that you would love to win!
4. Make sure to tag a friend and let them know about the giveaway!

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  1. Amazing planners! ❤

    By the way, my brand new post is up on the blog, I would appreciate you visit! :)

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