Aug 27, 2018

Back to School with Visionworks

After a crazy busy summer,  finishing my internship and presenting my final project, and a family trip to Iceland (more pictures to come!), I'm finally all moved in for my senior year at the University of Richmond! While I can already tell this is going to be one of the craziest semesters (ok who thought 5 classes, 2 jobs, and a blog was a good idea?), I could not be more excited for my last year here in Richmond and for my classes to start today!

I shared an Instagram post the other day about my favorite new frames from  Visionworks and I just had to share them in more detail on the blog! I never really used to wear my glasses out - but as I'm spending more and more time looking at a screen, I like to give my eyes a rest from contacts every few days! I got two different  styles and love how 'on brand' they both are for me but also how unique the two styles are! Both styles are parts of  Visionworks' exclusive new line  OTIS+GREY and the styles are made with millenial trends and concepts in mind! It was so hard narrowing down my favorites, I could see myself wearing almost all of them! So simple, elegant, modern, and trendy!

The first style I'm wearing is the style  OG 7000 and the second you see is  OG 7012! And best part? You choose colors and lens style that you like all at such an affordable price! Love the collection? Check out the rest of the OTIS+GREY line,  here!

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